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Rio+20 – Hippies Declare War

Greenpeace have declared war on the financial sector and is going on to a war footing at Rio+20, without wishing to be a pedant surely Greenpeace were already on a war footing when they declared war on the financial sector?

This could mean that the global financial sector is now onĀ  double secret probation, or, this time Gaia’s warriors really will be getting into their solar powered aircraft (so don’t expect night attacks) and armed with rockets made from sustainable bamboo, powered by fermenting bat shit and tipped with depleted tofu, striking at the heart of the industrial civilisation they despiseĀ so much.

Nothing less than a return to the Agrarian age will suffice for Kumi Naidoo, global head of Greenpeace, who is losing patience with financial institutions because they will not do what he tells them to do: Read the rest of this entry