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The Medieval Warming Period Was Much Warmer Than It Is Today

New EU Research: Medieval Unprecedented Warming Period temps robustly higher - by 1.2 degrees

A new EU study of global warming between 900 AD and 2002 shows beyond doubt that despite lower levels of atmospheric CO2 global temperatures were significantly higher than they are today.

This is yet another study that shows junk scientist Michael E Mann and his “hockey stick” are wrong.

The myth of the hockey stick lives on despite the IPCC subsequently distancing themselves from Mann and his ability to hide the decline. Read the rest of this entry

Michael E Mann And The Hockeystick That Turned Into A Boomerang

If Mann’s hidden data, once exposed, is shown to be flawed it will not only discredit a cornerstone of global warming ‘science’ but will expose Mann to possible criminal charges for fraud over his hyped up man-made global warming claims.

Michael E Mann creator of the fantasy hockey stick that is a corner stone of the Church of Climatology, arrogantly thought that the whitewash inquiry that Penn State conducted into his scientific methods, post Climategate was the end of the story and it would be business as usual in the Anthropogenic Global Warming fear industry.

The change in the balance of power in the US House of Representatives last November was a signal for fear to start spreading through the warming alarmist community, which must have been an usual experience for those used to spreading fear.

The Republicans then further added to the Climate of Fear for the warming alarmists by announcing it was “Heads on Poles Time for the warming alarmists.

The net is closing on Penn State and Michael Mann, who after a last ditch desperate legal battle to keep his calculations secret, has now been ordered by a Court to release the information within 90 days: Read the rest of this entry

Penn State Warming Alarmist – Climate Change Denial Is A Crime

Donald A Brown another warming alarmist from Penn State

Donald A Brown is Associate Professor in Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law at Penn State.

Penn State home of decline hiding hockey stick masturbating junk scientist Michael Mann, Penn State where they closed ranks and in a sham white wash inquiry exonerated Michael Mann of any wrong doing or fraud, well for now anyway.

The winds of change are about to blow through Obama’s warming alarmist regime after the mid term election results are in, the Republicans are going to be looking for answers and heads.

In the run up to COP16 the warming alarmists will be emerging and making the usual statements about fear and refloating the idea that if they jail everyone who does not agree with one world government, then they will get their way Read the rest of this entry

Hide The Decline II

A follow up to the viral hit Hide The Decline which lampooned Michael Mike Mann for his junk science and bullshit hockey stick lies.

The original has been removed by You Tube for no really good reason, so this probably wont last long.