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Honour Our Forces End The Tragedy Of Homeless Ex-Service People @HONOUROURFORCES

It can be a very short step from one life to another

At this moment in time there are at least 70,000 ex-service men and women homeless in this country, it’s bad enough that they are homeless anyway, but in this freezing cold they are more vulnerable than ever. 70,000 is a number that is difficult to comprehend as a mass of people, let me quantify it, roughly the entire population of a small city like Bath sleep rough every night and everyone of these people have served their country.

A while ago I wrote a blog article about homeless ex-service people for another charity, I still can’t find better words to try and make the point so I am reusing it in part:

This country has failed it’s service and women consistently, and without exception, in the aftermath of every war since we became a so-called modern nation.

A war comes along, we call on our people to fight, and when it’s over we turn our backs on them.

The blame can be attached to every government, be they Conservative, Labour or Liberal, they have all failed monumentally.

More people who saw combat in the Falklands War have committed suicide since the war ended, than were killed in the fighting.

Think about it for a moment, it’s not only a scandal, it’s far worse than that as hundred’s of human tragedies are acted out alone and in the pit of despair.

You think after serving your time in the Army society will accept you,” he says, “but they don’t and no one helps. Read the rest of this entry