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Greens Upset By Peter Lilley’s Appointment To Commons Energy Committee

Peter Lilley MP his appointment to the Commons Energy Committee has upset Greens and warmists, because only warmists, Green crony capitalists and Green subsidy junkies should be allowed to be on the committee.

There is on the face of it, some strange manoeuvring going on in the coalition government right now, the Liberal Democrats at their recent party conference restated their belief in Climate Religion and their intention to keep Climate Change policies at the heart of government. Meanwhile the Conservative majority in the coalition government keeps appointing climate sceptics to ministerial positions.

The Greenest Government ever, is quietly and surreptitiously becoming less Green, the appointments of John Hayes, a very vocal opponent to wind farms as Energy Minister and Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary caused a shrill outburst of moral indignation from the warmist alarmist industry.

The in September Conservative MP Peter Lilley produce a storm of outrage, as Greens and warmists are always outraged, when their religious texts are challenged and shown to be flawed and based on cherry picked data to produce the Green political conclusion required, in this case the Stern Report. Read the rest of this entry