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Global Warming – It Is Time For Science Not Religion

Global Warning: Trust Scientists, Not Shamans

Global Warning: Trust Scientists, Not Shamans” is unbelievably, a headline from a post on the warming alarmist Huffington Press site.

While many of the warming alarmists like James Hansen have rolled out a number of lame excuses for the decline in Climate Religion belief, like the skeptics have better PR, Huff Po are the first to break ranks and tear chunks out of Al Gore, the IPCC and the environmental movement.

Seems it all started to go wrong in the 1990’s when the international left were in meltdown and environmentalism was a handy place for those against capitalism to regroup and begin the fight anew: Read the rest of this entry

The Most Ludicrous Climate Change Story Ever

The sun might have shone 2 days early in Greenland, beacause of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Since the walls of the Church of Climatology started tumbling down the degrees of stupidity in some of the pro AGW propaganda has got mind numbing.

Until now the Title of Climate Change Twat of all time went to Hollywood has been Danny Glover and his claim that Climate Change caused the Haiti earthquake tragedy.

That little pearl of unfounded wisdom was brought to the world by the Huffington Post, who are have just outshone themselves with their latest offering which claims that Climate Change, may or may not,  have made  the sun appear 2 days early in Greenland this year.

HuffPo are not really sure if indeed the sun did rise early, but even if it did not, Anthropogenic Global Warming is still the cause of this event, which in case you are confused, may or may not have taken place.

You could not make this up, but then again they probably did Read the rest of this entry