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Tory MP Neil Carmichael – The Wind Turbine Hypocrite

Wind farms are only acceptable when I can make money

When is a wind turbine a “monstrosity”?

Answer when there are votes for Neil Carmichael MP to be gained from it.

When is a wind turbine acceptable?

Answer when Neil Carmichael MP can make money from it.

Post the MP’s expenses scandal our “cleaned up” Parliament is supposed to be transparent and our MP’s fit for purpose, yet here we have a man that even by the slime standards of Dave and his Vichy Government is a total slime ball.

A man with a total integrity by-pass who will say one thing for political gain and another for personal financial gain, in this case grasping for tax payer subsidies for renewable energy, while having his salary and expenses paid for by the public purse: Read the rest of this entry

Prescott U Turn On Peerage

After many statements over the years that he would never accept a peerage, everyone’s favourite bulimic philanderer is going to accept one so that he can save the planet, or is it he owes Mrs Prescott one for being caught playing hide the chipolata with Tracey Temple in 2006. Apparently Mrs Prescott would love to be a Lady.

There is something amusing and opportunistic about 2 Jags now being an eco warrior, Aardvark does not believe in Man Made Climate Change but as the saying goes when in Rome, so how can the man who needed two environmental holocausts as a minister have valid eco credentials by becoming a life peer. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Pachuari Has Chauffer Driven Car For 1 Mile Drive To Office

In an outstanding display of the one rule for us and another for them philosphy of the global warming eco mentalists, IPCC Glaciergate supremo Dr Rajendra Pachauri is in the news once again this time for not using one of the 4 electric cars at his disposal. Instead our favourite railway engineer opts for a chauffeur driven Toyota Corolla, with of all things a petrol engine. Holy Environmental holocaust Batman!

Lies and hypocrisy always go hand in hand. Hat tip to the Daily Mail.

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