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Alastair Campbell More Popular Than Ken For Mayor Of London?

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell popular choice on Twiiter as Labour candidate for Mayor of London

Back in 2008, Ken Livingstone received help and advice for his election campaign for the Mayor of London, from both Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, it made no difference Ken was decisively beaten by Boris, but at least 3 years ago Ken had some measure of popularity, and support from the Labour party hierarchy.

It has often been said that “a week is long time in politics“, if this is indeed the case, then 3 years must be considered an aeon.

In this aeon, Ken’s popularity has sunk to that akin, to a skunk in an elevator.

This is hardly surprising given his poor political judgement with Val Shawcross and the ongoing car crash that is Ken on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV. Read the rest of this entry

Farewell To Iain Dale

Iain Dale is giving up blogging, to pursue a new career with his publishing company, broadcasting at LBC and of course, Total Politics.

Iain was in many ways the bloggers blogger and Aardvark is very grateful for all the help Iain gave us when we started.

The day Iain listed this blog on his was one of the milestones in the subsequent success the blog is enjoying, the first day we had over 500 hits!

Here are a few words from Iain on his new career: Read the rest of this entry

Made It In To Top 100 Conservative Blogs

There was Aardvark about to start on a post about the blog being a year old on September 18th and out of idle curiosity clicked on a Tweet from Iain Dale about the Total Politics Top 100 Conservative Blogs.

Would Tory Aardvark be there? Doubtful.

Scrolling thorugh the 90’s and then the 80’s Aardvark had given up hope when there at No 63 is this blog.

Not bad for a “bunch of bloody chancers” as one person who left a comment on a post said.

It has been interesting, a lot has been learnt about many of the topics, to the point that when we get invited to dinner parties they always make sure no warming alarmists or people who own Prius are there 😀

A big thank you to everyone who voted for Tory Aardvark and here’s to the next 12 months, and a special thank you  to Iain Dale for putting a link from his blog to this one, we never looked back after we mentioned in a post Iain did on new Conservative blogs.

The battle against the warming alarmists and socialists will go on, and so will the campaign to the end the shame of homeless ex-service people.

Would Bloggers be a good choice as MP’s?

By Tory Aardvark

MP’s behaviour after the Expensesgate scandal has been widely perceived as “completely out of touch” with the public mood, their laughable attempts to clean up their act with Gordon Brown’s failed legislation, have done nothing to improve the low esteem the public have for their MP’s.

One blogger and friend of TTAB is Iain Dale who is standing for open selection as the Conservative candidate for Bracknell Forest, currently represented by Andrew McKay.

Iain Dale

Iain Dale

Many of the most popular blogs now have more readers than some of the Daily papers. Blogs share one thing in common with a newspaper, you want to attract readers, which means the content of your blog has to either reflect the public mood or attack it head on. Either way you must be in touch with your readers.

Which leads me neatly to the point of this, bloggers are more in touch with the public by virtue of their job which should make them better MP’s and less likely to indulge in troughing, or lock the doors to the ivory tower and ignore the public mood.
This must surely be a good thing for rebuilding public trust in the “Mother of All Parliaments”