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Baroness Scotland Investigated By The Bar Standards Board

By Tory Aardvark

The story of Baroness Scotland and her illegal worker has been running for some time now. The Labour Government have as usual applied the double standards it uses to protect it’s own; ordinary people who fall foul of the Attorney General’s own laws get prosecuted, she has merely made a mistake understanding a law she personally pushed through on to the statue books.

If you need a quick reminder about the story so far click here

The Law Giver

Baroness Scotland

The Bar Standards Board is the barrister’s watchdog and is investigating the Baroness following complaints that she brought the profession into disrepute.

There are still a number of unanswered questions regarding the existence of a second passport, paying the illegal worker in cash and now there are allegations of theft from the illegal worker’s home.

Anyone with honour would have resigned by now, but as there is no honour or integrity in Gordon Brown and his morally and intellectually bankrupt government she is the still the Attorney General.


Baroness Scotland The Heat Is Back On

By Tory Aardvark

This is not proving the best weekend ever for the Government, following on from the slow motion car crash that was the Labour Party Conference two of their ministers, who are both QC’s are in trouble with the law again. Yesterday the Deputy Labour Leader was on a mobile phone when she crashed into a parked car. So not only was breaking the law by holding a mobile phone, she drove away from the accident, with out stopping and without giving any of the details required under the 1988 Road Traffic Act.

The lastest revelations in The Mail about Baroness Scotland and her illegal worker concern further alleged breaches of the Law, this time Employment Law.

The housekeeper’s P60 states she was paid £2,913 by Mrs P. J. Mawhinney, the Baroness’s married name, up until April . It also states no tax deductions were made, contravening the Income Tax (PAYE) Regulations 2003

Chris Grayling accuses Brown of attempting to “whitewash” Baroness Scotland’s employment of illegal housekeeper

By Tory Aardvark

This story keeps rumbling ever onwards as Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has today written to Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson:
I am writing to you concerning the investigation by the Borders Agency into Baroness Scotland. You will be aware that the investigation was concluded within forty eight hours of the story about her housekeeper first breaking, and that the Agency ruled that she had inadvertently broken the rules for those who employ migrant workers.

“This investigation appears to have been concluded with a speed that is almost unprecedented for such inquiries, and the Agency appears to have reached its conclusion without carrying out a detailed interview with the housekeeper herself. Furthermore the employee’s evidence, as now published in the media, appears to directly contradict that given by Baroness Scotland.

“Given this, it seems extraordinary that the Border Agency appears to have carried out such a cursory inquiry, and reached its conclusions so quickly.

“Can I urge you to reopen the inquiry into Baroness Scotland, and also to carry out a full internal investigation into how this enquiry was handled last week. Can I also ask you to clarify what role Ministers had in the inquiry process, either in setting its remit, in briefings or discussions with Borders Agency officials, or in mandating other Departmental officials to make representations to the Borders Agency about the investigation.

“I am sure that you appreciate the importance of clearing things up and resolving this matter once and for all, but also that the process is thorough and treats Baroness Scotland in exactly the same way as any other employer.”

Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary

Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary

Previously Chris Grayling has issued this statement:

“This unedifying row just underlines why Baroness Scotland’s position is now completely untenable. But it also raises huge question marks over the way the Home Office and the Prime Minister have handled the case. The Home Office rushed through an investigation without listening to all the evidence, and the Prime Minister exonerated Lady Scotland before the housekeeper had even been questioned. This is increasingly looking like an attempted whitewash that has gone badly wrong.”

You are not alone there Chris, Patricia Scotland is not only above her own laws, she is also protected by the highest echlons of Labour power who WILL stop at nothing to ensure she stays in her job.
The speed at which the rules on peers expenses were U turned is nothing short of amazing.
Today for the first time the resolve to keep defending the Baroness showed the first signs of cracking, with Jack Straw’s last ditch defence of “sexism”, the old and worn out Labour ploy of suffixing a word with “ism” or “ist”.

If indeed there has been a cover up or whitewash then should not those complict in the cover up be brought to account along with the Baroness?

Jack Straw “Campaign against Baroness Scotland is Sexist”

By Tory Aardvark

In possibly the most stupid and ridiculous statement since the massive coming together and cover up started, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the campaign against Baroness Scotland was sexist.

No Jack it’s not sexist, it’s just people dont like law makers who break their own laws, expenses troughers who have rules changed so that they have not wrongly claimed £170,000 of tax payers money and then lie to the UKBA about which documents they have seen, or not seen.

The sooner Baroness Scotland, Jack Straw and the rest of this intellectually and morally bankrupt government are gone the better.

Baroness Scotland and the illegal worker – two different stories

By Tory Aardvark

Looks like Max Clifford has found the smoking gun and The Mail online has it on public display.
We still believe the Baroness will be toast on Monday when the Labour Conference starts for real.

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

Tomorrow will be much hand wringing and further denials and acts of good faith will be described, but the writing must surely be on the wall now.

Cleaner got job in ten-minute interview with ‘no questions about whether she was eligible to work in the UK’

The Attorney General’s housekeeper ‘didn’t have ANY of the 6 documents that entitled her to work in Britain’

She had already been working here illegally for four years

She was paid just £6 an hour – 33 per cent below the going rate in London and just 27p above the national minimum wage

Full and very detailed story by Simon Walters, Elizabeth Sanderson and Daniel Boffey in The Mail Online

Downing Street are still insisting that the Baroness was vindicated in UK Border Agency Investigation.

Baroness Scotland, The Illegal Worker and Max Clifford

By Tory Aardvark

The legs are definitely picking up speed with the arrival of publicist Max Clifford on the scene, which is likely to be the portent of more very bad news for the Attorney General, Gordon Brown and his devalued and intellectually bankrupt government.

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

The story goes that Tapui’s agent Max Clifford is negotiating to sell her story to a Sunday Newspaper and that his clients account of events are substantially different to the version of events recounted by the Attorney General.

“If Miss Tapui directly contradicts key elements of Lady Scotland’s version of events, it will make the minister’s position untenable.” from Jason Groves and Dan Newling in The Mail Online

This new scandal for Brown’s beleagured government is already overshadowing the Labour Party Conference, and that’s even before the Sunday Papers hit the streets, what will happen Sunday morning?

Gordon Brown has no one but himself to blame for yet another crisis of his own making. Had the Prime Mentalist acted decisively and shown leadership he would have sacked the Attorney General, but as usual he misjudged the whole situation. Even when the Attorney General’s PPS Stephen Hesford resigned, Brown did nothing but offer support for the Baroness.

Really the only question now is how long will the Attorney General survive?

My money is still on Monday, but Sunday must surely be a possibility

Read the LATEST here

Attorney General’s Illegal Cleaner Arrested

It just wont go away, hardly a day passes and the story keeps running and running.
As Edmund Blackadder would say “More legs than a leggy thing”

“Attorney General’s Illegal Cleaner Arrested” on the Sky News Web Site

The real meat of the latest developments in the story are from Loloahi Tapui, the illegal immigrant and worker who is poised to reveal exactly what she told the Attorney General regarding her immigration status.

“Did Baroness tell the truth? Housekeeper ‘denies showing Attorney General her passport” in the Mail Online

Yesterday I predicted Patricia Scotland would be toast on Monday, today I’m going out to buy Lurpak and some nice thick cut marmelade.

Toasted Baroness anyone?

At the time of writing this news is 20 mintues old

Baroness Scotland Aide Stephen Hesford Steps Down

Someone in the Labour Party with honour and integrity, never thought those words would appear in the same sentence.

Baroness Scotland make a trivial mistake

Baroness Scotland made a trivial mistake

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Wirral West MP Stephen Hesford said: “My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.” reports Sky News

Stephen Hesford MP

Stephen Hesford MP

Mr Hesford’s resignation letter reads:
‘Whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.
In my view the facts of the case do not matter. It is the principle which counts, particularly at a time when the publics’ trust of Whitehall is uncertain to say the least.’

It seems the first the Prime Mentalist heard of the resignation was live on Radio 5, nothing like keeping your boss in the loop.
Hesford hurls grenade at Gordon Live on Five says Guido

Baroness Scotland – How much longer will the “Patrician” last?

More shameful and arrogant behaviour from the Labour oligarchy. When was the last time anyone was fined £5000 for a parking ticket or falling to pay the congestion charge?

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

With his usual display of leadership Brown scuttled off to the United Nations to give our nuclear deterrent away, but not before giving the Baroness his support; followed by several ministers all singing from the same hymn sheet. One is left wondering if the farmer fined the other day under the same law can expect the same support for his mistake, probably not.
Then Baroness made the case for the law and steered it through Parliament, she patently does not understand her law fully, or was careless or neglient in her discharge of that duty.
If the Attorney General does not understand the law, then how can any penalties issued under that law be safe?

“Baroness Scotland provoked outrage last night after comparing her breach of immigration law with a minor motoring offence.”
writes James Chapman in The Mail

Meanwhile in The Telegraph Rosa Prince, John Bingham and Jon Swaine report “Baroness Scotland urged to quit by ministers”

Her aide Stephen Hesford has stood down saying
“My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.”..

MORE to follow!

Tory Bears Message to Baroness Scotland

Take the hint