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Gordon Brown Will Take No Action Against Law Chief

This utterly unbelievable, once again Gordon Brown has shown himself to be completely free of honour, integrity, transparency and fairness.

This is the sort of action we have come to expect from Brown and his corrupt, lying and largely unelected government.

If you want to read more of the odious details about this story then Sky’s political correspondent Joey Jones said: “The risk, from Gordon Brown’s point of view, is that he has embroiled himself in controversy, and the issues over Baroness Scotland will dog him throughout the run up to the Labour conference.”

Guido at order-order has this to say

David Blackburn at the Coffee House comments

The Attorney General speaks on Sky

This absolutely scandalous, there is one rule for the Labour Government, and there is another for all the rest of us.

Brown knows the General Election is lost, and Labour doomed, which is why he holds every one of us in utter contempt and treats us as though we are stupid.
This is not going down well with the public, as can be seen from the comments posted at Coffee Shop and Guido.

This story is unlikely to go away anytime soon

Well done Cyclops yet another nail in the coffin of Labour.

Vera Baird to replace Patricia Scotland?

Rumours abound that the clock is ticking for Baroness Scotland, ever since Brown announced he was standing by her, he days were numbered

But who is Vera Baird and what is her claim to fame?

Vera Baird QC MP

Vera Baird QC MP

Vera Baird is the current Solicitor General, and comes with usual Labour baggage we have come to expect from anyone appointed by this government.

Ms Baird famously criticised a judge for his sentencing, it later transpired that it was Ms Baird who had misunderstood the law.

Prone to a bit of troughing, she designates her London flat as her main home while claiming her 4 bed house in the country as her second home, and all on a salary of over  £125,000.

Looks like we are going to replace one incompetent trougher with another, this government is bereft of talent and can only find self serving troughers to fill posts.

Time for a GE now

Latest from The Telegraph something about Christmas decorations.

The Baroness, The Illegal Worker and The Prime Mentalist

This a story that sounds like it should become a classic of British Literature, and given time it will probably be taught to future generations as the time when British Politics and Government sunk to the levels of Zimbabwe, while using a script provided by Quentin Tarantino.

This government led by Gordon Brown has no standards of moral integrity, honour or responsibility. Labour under Tony Blair, did away with wrong doers at the speed of the light; Blair had political awareness, but not integrity.

Like her cleaner, it’s time for the Baroness to go comments The Mail on Sunday

So where is the Prime Mentalist?
As usual when the fan and the effluent get together, Brown can be found hiding in his bunker waiting for the nasty things to go away.

Will Baroness Scotland resign or will Brown fire her?

Strangely enough integrity and honesty could be about to break out in the Labour Party, former party whip Graham Stringer has condemmed Brown’s total lack of leadership on the matter. With a particularly neat touch that amuses Ardvaark, Stringer goes on say “That Tony Blair would have handled this much better”. More from Glen Owen in The Mail

In a new and interesting twist UK Border Agency officers smashed their way into Loloahi Tapui’s flat in West London writes Daniel Boffey in The Mail

Labour Attorney General Employed Illegal Worker

Attorney General Baroness Scotland faced humiliation last night over employing an illegal immigrant.

The Border Agency launched an inquiry and the government’s senior lawyer faced the prospect of a fine of up to £10,000 and even a ‘raid’ on her home.

Baroness Scotland the Attorney General

Baroness Scotland the Attorney General

Lady Scotland employed Tongan cleaner Loloahi Tapui, 27, as a housekeeper for six months – even though she had overstayed her student visa by five years and had no right to work here. Latest update from Tim Shipman and Dan Newling in The Mail

Meanwhile Ed West in the Telegraph ponders why The liberal elite prefer their servants to be immigrants

Another clanger hits the ground, with so many clangers Ardvaark is starting to wonder, if Brown has secretly employed the Soup Dragon as his new campaign manager. Something to do with no one wanting to work for him? Anyway back to the story, it would appear that the Attorney General Baroness Scotland believed that the woman was entitled to work in the UK. Strange how no one in this government ever knows what is going on, they always claim ignorance. Remember Brown and McBride? When not claiming ignorance, they claim belief. Wake up and smell the coffee, these defences are about as valid as  I was only obeying orders is post Nuremburg.

Dan Newling in The Mail has this to say

Guido on his blog

Should law chief be fined for hiring illegal immigrant? asks Philip Johnston in the Telegraph

Naturally Ardvaark thinks she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as any of us would be. But this is Brown’s ZanuLabour regime so she will most likely be promoted.

Guido turns up the heat – Latest

Baroness Scotland Has No Defence Unless She “Checked and Copied” more from Guido

Sunlight Reports Baroness to UK Border Agency Is that Attorney General on the barbecue? Could well be as Cyclops is standing by her.