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Climate Change Scam – Inconvenient Truths Weekly Round-Up

Ecofacists, Hypocrites and Lounge Lizards

Another ecofacist slid out from under a stone calling climate change sceptics and those that don’t believe science is ever settled sick racists, Professor Kari Norgaard was then erased by other warming alarmists from the University of Oregon website.

Nordgaard was to going to present her diatribe of hate at the Planet Under Pressure meeting that the video clip is from, however,  Norgaard has become so toxic that there is no mention of her speaking at Planet Under Pressure, though the other ecofacists did become very excited at the prospect of non-economic growth models, which are easily achievable when a country pins its hopes for energy security on renewables. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change – Inconvenient Truth Weekly Round-Up

The rebranding of Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption Global Weirding continued this week with much orchestrated fear about the future and suspect predictions for increasing extreme weather events, then the IPCC went and screwed the whole thing up by saying they had no idea if the Climate were becoming more extreme. Kind of embarrassing when the organisation that supports the AGW scam doesn’t back the evangelists in the field.

A new peer reviewed paper proved that the Medieval Warming Period was global, not just limited to Europe as Michael Mann and the ecotards would have us all believe, it was 2.5C warmer for 500 years and atmospheric CO2 was approximately 66% of 2012 levels, a seriously inconvenient truth for the backbone of the AGW scare.

The Arctic ice sheet continues to grow apace, despite warmist claims to the contrary, while the HadCRUT dataset that is the IPCC’s gold standard for climate modelling shows February 2012 to be the coldest for 18 years. Read the rest of this entry