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Question Time Gordon Brown’s Chilcot Mistake Has Done Damage With Voters

The infallible one’s calculated lie mistake at the Iraqi inquiry has done serious damage to Gordon Brown with voters if tonight’s BBC 1 Question Time is anything to go by.

The second audience question was about the infamous “defence spending rose in real terms every year” mantra.

Labour sent Margaret Beckett out as the sacrificial lamb, and Beckett must have guessed that she was in for a rough ride. The real stars of this part of Question Time were the audience and David Starkey, with Margaret Beckett playing the fall guy.

Beckett’s responses to the question about the “mistake” were greeted with heckling and jeers, when she said “Do you think that Gordon Brown would be so stupid as to lie?”

David Starkey replied “Yes, because he thought no one would noticeRead the rest of this entry