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Liberals, Warming Alarmists & Junkies – Its All About Feeling Good

As someone who reads a huge amount about Climate Change, and not just sceptics blogs and articles, but both sides of the debate, Aardvark has noticed that for many believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming there is an unshakeable belief that they are right and CO2 is the major player in Climate Change.

The belief that they are right, and that science can ever be settled is unshakeable, when their prophecies of Environmental Doom fail to happen, they gloss over the failure and scream stridently about taking the moral high ground,  leading by example and others will follow.

A case in point is Juliar Gillards regime in Australia, having gone back on an election promise not to introduce a Carbon Tax, Gillard promptly did just that.

Has the rest of the world followed Australia’s example?

No, Canada and Japan have left Kyoto since Durban became the third COP failure in a row,   British Columbia were  going to introduce a carbon tax because they believed others would follow their example.

No surprises that British Columbia have now abandoned the carbon tax, as no one else wanted to join in the economic suicide fest.

Recently Aardvark was emailed this observation on the psyche of Liberals and Warming Alarmists (Hat Tip GG Girl), despite much googling Aardvark has been unable to find the author of this work, so if anyone knows who wrote this insight into the Liberal mind, or indeed the author should read this,  please let Aardvark know so they can be duly credited. Read the rest of this entry