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Any Questions Tonight 20:00 Radio 4

By Tory Aardvark

Any Questions on Radio 4 promises to be interesting as Nadine Dorries is on the program with the Redditch Saddleback.

Promises to be a lot more exciting than Griffin as Nadine has a score to settle with Jacqui Smith.

A couple of tweets:

NadineDorriesMP I’m on Any Questions with Jacqui Smith. Hope a Q re AWS pops up!

NadineDorriesMP As a new scared MP sat on my first Public Bill commit Jaqui smith was very very nasty to me – I remember thinking, one day lady, one day.

Roast Pork anyone?

Update from Nadine after the show

NadineDorriesMP Jacqui Smith’s husband sat in the audience during AQ. Cringe moment when porno video came up. He works for her, both facing un-employment.