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Japanese Government Halts Subsidies For Wind Farms

The Divine Wind of Green subsidy has ceased to blow in Japan

The global decline in prohibitively expensive Green renewable energy continues with the news that the Japanese Government is putting a stop to the Green taxation that allowed wind farms to exist in Japan.

In the last 12 months just 33 bird choppers have been added to the Japanese grid: Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Japan Defiant At Cancun

At the begining of this week there were problems regarding the Kyotot Protocol and the so called rich nations and the developing world.

Even the most die hard environmentalist is expecting nothing to emerge from Cancun, but what is looking increasingly likely is that COP16 will be the last ever synod of the Church of Climatology.

Japan is adamant on refusing to sign up to Kyoto II and the develpoing countries are standing firm: Read the rest of this entry