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Arctic Sea Ice Hysteria – What Does Ice Free Really Mean?

Arctic will be ice free within 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams

This years record Arctic sea ice melt has got the warming alarmist doom sayers all fired up and predicting more environmental Armageddon in the Arctic, even though the warming alarmist propaganda machine had already predicted that the Arctic would be ice free by the summer of 2012.

Of course this is the start of the silly season for Big Green, the run up to COP18 in Doha, the same cycle that happens every year in preparation for the annually declining attendance at UN COP meetings.

This year the fear theme is Arctic Sea Ice, and this time the Arctic will be ice free in just 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams: Read the rest of this entry

2007 Warming Alarmist Prediction – “Arctic Sea Ice Will Be Gone In Summer 2012”

Arctic sea ice has grown twice the size of Texas in 5 years, when according to warmist predictions the Arctic should be ice free now.

The world was a different place in 2007, the warming alarmists and their fear stories of Environmental Holocaust were believed by a frightened world, Climategate had yet to expose the junk science behind the Green political agenda, it was a time for all those complicit in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam to make predictions that could not possibly be wrong, or so they arrogantly thought.

Take one Jay Zwally, a NASA Climate Scientist who predicted the Arctic would be ice free in the Summer of 2012, and to be fair Zwally was not the only scientist soothsayer casting the runes: Read the rest of this entry