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COP17 Fear Stories – The Guardian Lies About Extreme Weather

New IPCC report is going to say that science doesn't know whether CO2 has an effect on most climatic observables

With COP17 Durban just 10 days away from disintegration starting,  the Climate of Fear campaign is gathering pace and this years scary fear story is Anthropogenic Global Warming causes extreme weather events, which is not the case.

Al Gore in his recent embarrassing 24 Hours of Climate Reality Goregasm attempted to link any weather event he could think of to Climate Change and was ridiculed by both sides of the Climate Change debate for his trouble.

The new IPCC report has been carefully leaked to see how the world reacts to what Jo Nova describes as “IPCC scientists testing the exit doors“, in short the IPCC now say that they are not sure that atmospheric CO2 causes Global Warming, a seismic shift from their 2007 Fourth Assessment that was totally sure that CO2 was the most evil gas, ever.

Damian Carrington at the Guardian is at it again, trying to re-spin the old lies from the IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, and use this to blatantly lie about the contents of the upcoming Fifth Assessment Report while muttering darkly about moral choices: Read the rest of this entry

Black Propaganda – The US Government And The Sock Puppets

The US government sockpuppets create the illusion of real people in social networking

There is an increasing trend on Twitter for automated processes to spread the message their authors want to push, a fairly well know crude and rudiementary offering is the @Al_AGW bot, which can be fairly quickly identified as a robotic process, still none the less, enganges people in one sided aruguments than can run for a considerable time.

Just imagine if an organisation were to throw a lot of money at building sophisticated propaganda bots, or sockpuppets as they are more commonly know, the possibilites are endless, and if that organisation were the US government: Read the rest of this entry

Cyclone Yasi – It Was Caused By Climate Change

Cyclone Yasi caused by coal mining according to the Watermelons down under

It’s a fair bet that just about anything is caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming these days, as the pillars of Al Gore’s once great Climate Religion come crashing down, everything is our fault and guilt abounds.

First the civil unrest in Egypt was caused by Climate Change according to NGO Climate Progress, and now the Australian Greens are blaming AGW for Cyclone Yasi.

With an awesome cherry picking of data from the last 100 years the ecomentalists have outdone, even Danny Glover for sheer eco stupidly as the ever excellent Jo Nova points out Read the rest of this entry