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A Climate Of Fear In Poland, But Not The One You Would Expect

Fear has long been the message from the warming alarmists, whose stories of fear, gloom, doom and environmental Armageddon are typified by the above video clip which was used at the opening ceremony of COP15 in Copenhagen.

Fear as they say is key, the warming alarmist machine has tried to make us afraid of everything from alien invasion, yes really, to fear of rising sea levels, increasing global temperatures, species extinction, ocean acidification, the list is endless.

The sad thing is that for some people the warming alarmist fear meme really hits home, in 2010 a family committed suicide in Argentina because of fear of Global Warming, a 7 month old baby girl the sole survivor of this needless tragic incident.

The Climate of Fear usually emerges a couple of months before the annual UN Climate Circus when the warming alarmist propaganda machine goes into overdrive, however, in 2012 there is a new Climate of Fear in Poland: Read the rest of this entry