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The End Of Another Stupid Green Idea – M4 Bus Lane To Be Scrapped

The end of a pointless Church of Climatology idea

The brain child of Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane is to be scrapped, the M4 bus lane hated by motorists for years will soon be just another bad  memory from the New Labour experiment.

Another ill-conceived idea pandering to vocal Green minorities, the M4 bus lane was supposed to reduce congestion in London and force commuters on to public transport Read the rest of this entry

The Books Labour Ministers Should Have Written

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Gordon Brown Left The Country And Labour Virtually Bankrupt

Prescott estimates Browns bottled election cost Labour £1.5 million

The Labour party is virtually bankrupt and is only surviving on the goodwill of the Co-Op bank, which has to be a very good reason to relocate any funds in the Co-Op bank to a different bank, and not to shop at either the Co-Op or Somerfield.

Former deputy leader of the Labtard party and newly anointed Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane, John Prescott is running for the post of Labour Party Treasurer. Read the rest of this entry

Prescott U Turn On Peerage

After many statements over the years that he would never accept a peerage, everyone’s favourite bulimic philanderer is going to accept one so that he can save the planet, or is it he owes Mrs Prescott one for being caught playing hide the chipolata with Tracey Temple in 2006. Apparently Mrs Prescott would love to be a Lady.

There is something amusing and opportunistic about 2 Jags now being an eco warrior, Aardvark does not believe in Man Made Climate Change but as the saying goes when in Rome, so how can the man who needed two environmental holocausts as a minister have valid eco credentials by becoming a life peer. Read the rest of this entry