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COP18 – Time Is Running Out So Give Us All Your Money

COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah opens the UN wealth redistribution circus in Doha

The 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP18 started today with a call for action on Climate Change by the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, though there is little expectation of anything concrete coming out of COP18. COP18 with follow on the failures of COP15, COP16, COP17 and this years Rio+20 Earth Summit failure.

The Big Green propaganda machine has just gone into overdrive with the same usual worn out memes, sound bites and lashings of guilt for the industrialised nations, for being,  industrialised.

A fine example of someone who pushes their chest full of unexplored ideas is John Vidal at the Guardian, a journalist for whom thinking anything through is an anathema: Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmist LOL Saying Of The Day

Game Theory could be viable way to force Climate Religion on all of us

The cartoon represents a modified version of the prisoner’s dilemma. The best (or least bad) course of action for both parties (the man and everyone else) is to start spending again. However, no-one else follows the man’s lead, so he ends up in the street. As with the prisoner’s dilemma, both parties benefit only if they are prepared to put aside personal interest and act selflessly. Unfortunately, it tends to be every man for himself.

According to the warming alarmists at the Potsdam Institute game theory could be a way for the industrial nations to commit economic suicide at  COP17 in Durban.

The idea of using game theory is no more workable than any other, as it always comes down to self interest and the negotiators at the Climate Synod in Durban are ultimately accountable to the politicians, who in turn are accountable to their votes, and Climate Religion is in decline globally. Read the rest of this entry