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Britain To Build 20 New Gas Fired Powerstations

Britain is to build 20 gas fired power stations which according to Greenpeace will prevent the country from achieving its Carbon targets

The Dash for Gas picked up speed today with the news that Britain is build 20 new gas fired power stations which will add 20GW of generating capacity to the national grid.

The statement from Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has upset Greenpeace who have started moaning about something called Carbon Targets being unattainable, Carbon Targets used to be the approved Green way of de-industrialising western civilisation until the term fell into disuse in mainstream politics. Read the rest of this entry

UK Coal Fired Power Stations To Go Ahead

Coalition to water down emissions standards for new power stations

The bad news keeps on coming for eco-mentalist and Green hair shirt existence warriors, hot on the heels of the news that the German public is bored shitless and irritated by warming alarmists messages of doom and attempts at social engineering, comes a new set back in Britain to do with coal fired power stations.

It is no secret that within 5 – 10 years Britain will start to experience power cuts as our power stations become life expired and cannot meet the peak demand times, especially in winter.

The warming alarmists are quite happy about this as long as they get their one world government, stop us flying, using cars and doing anything that the self-appointed moral green guardians don’t approve of, Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Joss Garman Attacks Half Of UK Electorate As Lunatic Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists

Earlier Aardvark blogged about Gordon Brown saying that 58% of the UK electorate were “flat earthers”.

Proving that this is a shared view from the Church of Climate Change Joss Garman co-founder of Plane Stupid has now joined the attack on us lunatics.

Plane Stupid are the producers of the incredibly stupid video clip above of plummeting Polar Bears.

Writing in the Independent Garman says:

From the Senate chamber in Canberra, Australia, to the editorial offices of The Spectator in London, an entire class of right-wing leaders has hitched its wagon to an outlandish conspiracy theory without seemingly appreciating the profound implications their move will have not just for the planet, but also for the viability of their political project.

The conspiracy theory in question, which has been given unparalleled publicity ahead of the Copenhagen summit, goes like this: several thousand leading scientists, seeking to secure research funding, have corrupted global temperature data to stay in the pay of governments bent upon extorting higher taxes through the dissemination of scare stories about so-called global warming. Climate change is a hoax propagated by greedy academics and greens, better described as “the new reds”.

Just as George Bush was defined by Iraq and Margaret Thatcher by privatisation, the conservative movement outside of the Cameron clique is rapidly becoming defined by climate denial. For example, all the top 10 Tory bloggers in the UK are deniers. By the end of the next decade, this could be politically toxic.

Joss Garman – Plain Stupid

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