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Warming Alarmists Erase Warming Alarmist

Professor Kari Norgaard calling climate change sceptics "sick racists" has at last proved too much for the warming alarmists

Professor Kari Marie Norgaard of Oregon University has got herself erased by other warming alarmists for her diatribe of vitriol where she described climate change sceptics as “sick racists“.

This has to be the first time that the warming alarmist establishment have actually done something to distance themselves from the ecofacists that hide in the shadows of the environmental movement, previous warming alarmists like Finnish environmentalist guru Pentti Linkola who wanted ecogulags setup for sceptics received no criticism from the environmental movement, neither did others who wanted draconian punishments for not believing in settled science.

Now steps to erase Norgaard are well advanced, Norgaards bio for Whitman College “Here at Whitman I am a member of both Sociology and Environmental Studies. Within the field of Environmental Sociology I am particularly …Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Sceptics Are Sick Racists

University of Oregon Professor Kari Norgaard "sceptics are sick racists"

Ugly Betty tribute act Professor Kari Marie Norgaard of Oregon University already thinks that people who don’t believe in Climate Religion are as evil as racists.

Now Norgaard wants people to be brainwashed and drugged so they can join the enlightened Greens and come on board for the big win for the settled science of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Norgaard is not the first ecofacist to want Stalinesque treatment for climate change sceptics, eco gulags have already been suggested to re-educate those that dare to question the doctrine of Climate Religion, while in Australia a Green parliamentary candidate thinks suspension of the democratic process is justified to force the Green marxist state on the world. Read the rest of this entry