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COP18 – Kyoto 2 Comes Apart

Oleg Shamanov at COP18 trying to get the President's attention

Oleg Shamanov at COP18 trying to get the President’s attention

The outcome of COP18 did at least last a little bit longer than COP17, where just 1 day after COP17 finished, Canada exercised its legal right to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol stating that “Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world“.

So it is no real surprise to learn that once again Kyoto is rapidly eroding what little COP18 achieved, which in essence was 37 countries agreeing to a non legally binding extension of Kyoto to run until 2020, not one major CO2 emitting country has signed up.

The scale of the Green defeat at Doha can be quantified by the fact that the 37 countries emit just 15% of the scary CO2 emissions, and the majority of the 15% (11%) comes from the EU block of nations.

The way that the new Kyoto texts were forced through by the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah at the close of the meeting is causing problems for the outcome: Read the rest of this entry