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Woolas And McCarthy Labour Election Cheats

Phil Woolas illegal practices during election campaign

Another Labour MP caught out with election irregularities, almost a fortnight to the day that the Labour Twitter Czarina and MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy offically because a registered election fraudster another Labour invertebrate life form has been caught out: Phil Woolas.

Labour’s institutional contempt for the Democratic process so ably demonstrated by their then leader Gordon Brown and his fear of voters, just wont go away, it’s in Labours genes and DNA.

Dear Leader and his party have always know better than the voters who are either bigots or flat earthers. Read the rest of this entry

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy Cautioned For Electoral Fraud

The law and Labour MPs were never comfortable partners

Yet another Labour MP falls foul of the law, this time its Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy. Labour Twitter Czar and Election Fraudster, as McCarthy has been cautioned lets run that one more time: Labour MP Kerry McCarthy is an Election Fraudster.

In the run up to the General Election McCarthy, a former solicitor tweeted the results of postal votes counted so far, and despite a shit storm that followed, McCarthy followed the example of another Labour Law Breaker, Patricia Scotland and toughed it out by not resigning. Read the rest of this entry

Why Kerry McCarthy Must Stand Down

Bristol24-7 has this story on McCarthy’s breach of electoral law yesterday:

Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, Gordon Brown’s “Twitter Tsar”, has apologised for revealing a sample of postal votes on the social networking website.

Ms McCarthy breached electoral law by giving details of a constituency postal vote count to her 5,700 followers on Twitter.

Last night the matter was referred by Bristol City Council to Avon and Somerset police, who will decide whether or not to charge the government whip and former solicitor.

The candidate, who has been charged by the Labour party with managing and encouraging on-message tweets, deleted the message within minutes, and apologised.

“On hearing the results of a random and unscientific sample of postal votes, I posted them on Twitter,” she said.

“It was a thoughtless thing to do, and I very quickly realised that it was not appropriate to put such information in the public domain.

“Because this was not official information, and no votes had been counted, I thought of it as being akin to canvass returns, ie telling people how well we were doing with Labour promises on the doorstep, but I appreciate now it was wrong to do so.”

Section 66 of the 1983 Representation of the People Act forbids “any statement relating to the way in which voters have voted at the election” before polls close.

Read the rest of this entry

Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy Breaks The Law On Postal Voting

McMcarthy broke postal voting laws

Postal voting is a farce open to all sorts of fraud and multiple voting, but, it is supposed to be secure from a Labour PPC for Bristol East tweeting the number of postal votes cast for each party.

But with their usual contempt for bigoted voters Kerry McCarthy the Labout Twitter Czar has done just that.

Unable to blame Sue when cornered McCarthy,  following the example of chief bigot spotter Gordon Brown, then tried to share the blame with other Tweeters who reacted incredulously at her behaviour and re Tweeted her tweets along with calls to inform the Police.

Kerry4MP then turned the tables back on @Parlez_me_nTory by tweeting @Parlez_me_nTory @ianvisits I think you two perhaps shouldn’t compound the error? My mistake – hands up! But you can’t do it either’. Hat tip to Bracknell Blog

It remains to be seen if the police and the electoral commission get involved

* * * Update * * *

The Telegraph now have the story as well.

Electoral Commission confirm that McCarthy’s tweet is illegal

16:22 Right now Bristol council are receiving complaints about that pesky 1983 Act, Section 66 (1) and 66 (2) from @ToryBear

16:36 @torybear RT @michaelsavage: BREAKING: Spoken to Bristol council: “It is a criminal matter”. Local police awaiting a complaint to investigate.

18:00 Story on most MSM outlets now, why has no one called it Twiitergate yet?

18:50 ITN News report that Bristol City Council have reported McCarthy to the Police

Twitter Wars #KerryMP #KerryOut

Kerry McCarthy Labour's Twitter Tsar

2010 is being widely predicted as the year of the blogger and for the first time a significant part of the General Election Campaign will fought on the Internet.

Labour’s self appointed ‘Twitter Tsar’, Kerry McCarthy, believes in the power of online media, so much so that following the Sun’s endorsement of David Cameron she tweeted “Labour doesn’t need the Sun – we’ve got Twitter!”

The Bristol East MP may have fully embraced social media, but it could be the very same platforms that she uses to assist in the propping up of Gordon Brown that could bring her down.

It’s true that that mainstream media still has deeper penetration into the electorate than any social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, but nothing beats effective online campaigning.

Tomorrow will see the launch of the #KerryOut campaign, which is being coordinated by some of the top Tory bloggers, and is designed to support Conservative PPC, Adeela Shafi, in her battle to unseat the disgraced MP.

It appears that Kerry McCarthy is feeling the pressure from a growing online campaign to oust her for Parliament, a campaign that has not even being officially launched as yet.

Following the publication of a story earlier this evening about tomorrow’s launch of the #KerryOut campaign I got a friendly Twitter Direct Message from Kerry saying that, if I did not remove a reference to her in which I say she is a “disgraced MP” she would sent in the lawyers:

Tomorrow sees the launch of a brilliantly conceived grassroots campaign to get Kerry out – named, simply enough, #kerryout. Aimed at supporting a campaign for Adeela, and coordinated by some of the sharpest Tory bloggers on the net, it’s going to be a great – and groundbreaking – campaign.

Naturally all of us a TAB will be taking part in what promises to be an interesting extension to previous political campaigning.

Kerryout site has all the latest information and real time Twitter feeds