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Green Success – Afghanistan Joins The Kyoto Protocol

Afghanistan now it has joined the Kyoto Protocol is an ideal environment for rich countries to invest in solar and wind farms, as this quite pastoral scene shows.

Afghanistan now it has joined the Kyoto Protocol is an ideal environment for rich countries to invest in solar and wind farms, as this quiet pastoral scene shows.

When this story first surfaced, the initial reaction was, April Fools day joke, how could a country with one of the lowest per capita emissions signing up to a treaty that expired on December 31st 2012 be hailed as a Green success story.

The world’s only treaty for fear of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol ended along with 2012 on December 31st, attempts to keep it alive at COP18 failed, an attempt at a new Kyoto 2 was ignored by most of the world, except the EU and grasping hands of the small islands states demanding their climate justice money.

All search engines confirm this story to be true, such is the state of decline of Big Green these days that a negligible emitter joining a now defunct treaty is a cause for celebration: Read the rest of this entry

2013 Will Be The Worst Year For Warmists Since Records Began

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finshed at the end of 2012.

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finished at the end of 2012. With no chance of a new Kyoto Treaty being signed up to by the major emitters 2012 ended with another nail hammered into the Green coffin.

2012 was an unprecedented year of disaster and defeat for the Greens and warming alarmists, it was a year that on the face of it offered much hope to the watermelons, in June there was going to be  the Rio+20 Earth Summit, COP18 in Doha was going to build on the progress of COP17 and the Durban Platform and the European Union was going to single-handedly enforce a flying tax on the world.

Instead it all went to hell in solar powered hand cart, as Green defeat followed Green defeat.

On January 1st 2012 the EU announced the start of its Green flying tax on all flights in and out of the EU, as global opposition to the Green tax mounted, Comrade Connie Hedegaard, the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar remained bullish and insisted that the world would bow down to her Green will.

Many nations including the US, China and India prohibited their airlines from taking part in the EU flying tax amid threats of a trade war, particularly from China. Finally in November Hedegaard and the EU backed down and suspended their Green flying tax for forever 12 months.

The Rio+20 Earth summit held the promise of the  chance to relive the glory days of warming alarmism: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Fails But There Is Still A Chance For Revenge On The West

COP18 The fifth UN Climate Circus failure in a row

COP18 The fifth UN Climate Circus failure in a row

COP18 has ended, and like its predecessors COP15, COP16, COP17 and Rio+20, COP18 has failed to achieve very much, which was frankly the expectation of both sides of the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate, before the conference even started.

Words and phrases like lame, toothless and the much used hell in a handcart have been used to describe the outcome of COP18.

So what was achieved at COP18?

Well the Kyoto Protocol will be extended until 2020, the problem being that only 37 countries out of the 194 attending signed up for the extension.

These countries are responsible for just 15% of global CO2 emissions, the treaty is not internationally binding,  so it falls far short of  the benchmark of the warming alarmists,  and it is yet another example of the totally pointless Green gesture politics that the European Union excels at. Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Russia Backs Off 25% Emissions Reduction Target

Russia refused to sign up to Kyoto, refuses to sign up to Kyoto CP2 and is now backsliding on 25% emissions cut.

Russia refused to sign up to Kyoto, refuses to sign up to Kyoto CP2 and is now backsliding on 25% emissions cut.

Russia has always played a cynical game in the Climate Change scam, although a massive exporter of fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, Russia has been Green when it was politically and commercially expedient to be Green.

Take for example the sudden Greening of Russia when it comes to fracking in Eastern Europe, the reason for the opposition to Polish shale gas extraction is that the Russian energy Gazprom will see a decline in profits as countries produce their own gas much more cheaply, and Russia will lose political influence and not be able to force its political and economic will on other countries by turning off the gas, like Russia did to the Ukraine in 2009.

Russia as the Greens would say has form for signing up to emissions deals, at COP16 Russia opposed an extension of Kyoto, at COP17 one year later Russia stated it will never sign up to an extension of Kyoto.

Playing the game expertly as ever, Russia at the failed Rio+20 Earth summit in June announced a 25% emissions cut target: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Russia Will Never Sign Up To Kyoto Extension

Oleg Shamanov "We will never sign Kyoto 2 because it would not cover every country"

2 weeks today the UN COP17 Climate Change Conference will start in Durban, already predicted to fail by the UN itself, another nail has been hammered into the COP17 coffin by Russia stating unequivocally that it will not commit economic suicide by signing up to Kyoto 2, unless every other country in the world signs up as well.

Russia has a government that puts economic prosperity and energy security ahead of the moral superiority of the Left/Green/Marxist/Watermelon agenda that seems to think there is something noble and lofty in killing jobs and pushing the most vulnerable people in society into energy poverty,  all so they can lead the charge over the cliff and back to the misery of an Agrarian economy and society. Read the rest of this entry

Kyoto Protocol, COP17 Durban And The Death Of Climate Religion

Failure to renew the Kyoto Protocol will be the death knell of Climate Religion

The Kyoto Protocol, the prototype document for economic suicide was signed in 1997 and came into force in 2005, since that date Kyoto has failed to live up to the expectations of the environmentalists , as country after country failed to meet their commitments.

The US failed to ratify the agreement, India and China were exempt from the treaty, in reality the world’s top three polluters never took part.

COP17 Durban is destined to fail by the UN’s own admission and with very little chance of an extension or replacement to Kyoto, this is significant smelling of the coffee by the warmists: Read the rest of this entry

Another Attempt To Keep The Kyoto Protocol Alive

However the warming alarmists try and spin it, COP16 at Cancun was a non event that achieved nothing of tangible significance. The major sticking point was the Kyoto Protocol and attempts to negotiate a new document for economic suicide.

So in March the warming alarmist hypocrites will be jumping into those nasty polluting aircraft that us lesser mortals are not supposed to use, and jetting off the sex tourism capital of the world, the aptly named Bangkok, to try and keep Climate Religion alive. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Russia, Japan And Canada Kill The Scam

Chimneys billow smoke over St Petersburg, but isnt CO2 invisible

Latest news (10:55 GMT) from COP16 at Cancun, Russia will not renew Kyoto along with Japan and Canada.

Chris Huhne said yesterday the scam was poised between a “car crash” and success, well Chris it looks like the car and the wall have got together now.

As the global warming scam stiffens with rigor mortis Aardvark is left wondering why the alarmists always used pictures with smoke to illustrate CO2 emissions. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Japan Defiant At Cancun

At the begining of this week there were problems regarding the Kyotot Protocol and the so called rich nations and the developing world.

Even the most die hard environmentalist is expecting nothing to emerge from Cancun, but what is looking increasingly likely is that COP16 will be the last ever synod of the Church of Climatology.

Japan is adamant on refusing to sign up to Kyoto II and the develpoing countries are standing firm: Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Will Kyoto Bring The House Of Cards Down

Ostriches at COP16: They just can't believe the wealth redistribution scam has crashed and burned

A long time ago now, in December 1997, 37 Countries signed up to the Kyoto protocol which was to have been the first step on the road to wealth redistribution and unelected one world socialist government.

Kyoto came into force in February 2005 and to date 191 countries have signed up, but those were different times for the warming alarmists. The Church of Climatology was growing, people believed the scary climate stories of imminent Armageddon, now 5 years later the rock of the Church of Climatology is probably going to bring the whole church of cards  tumbling down. Read the rest of this entry