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Labour Rips Off The Motorist Again With Fuel Duty Increase 5 Times More Than EU Countries

Gordon Brown and Labour rip the motorist off again, since the pre-Budget report on November 2008 the fuel duty on a litre of petrol has gone up 11.46%, in the same period in Austria fuel duty has risen 2.23% and an average of 5% across 10 other EU countries.

Adding to the UK drivers’ burden, the budget is scheduled to deliver UK motoring families an early Easter egg with an inflation + 1p increase in fuel duty the day before Good Friday (April 1). This could potentially add another 2.5p a litre to the pump price of petrol and diesel*.

For petrol, EU figures show that drivers in Germany, Austria and Portugal have seen their tax go up between 2% and 2.6% since the autumn of 2008. Only Spain comes close to the UK increase, with a 10.36% increase.

For UK diesel car owners, the fuel’s tax burden has increased 8.10% – marginally lower than the 8.33% in Ireland but well above the 2.89% average for the 10 European countries. In five of those countries, the tax-take is lower now than in November 2008, reflecting the collapse in the European wholesale price of diesel. It is a saving that has been denied to UK, Irish, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish drivers.

Labour Hammers The Motorist Again

By Tory Aardvark


Lets Be Having Your Money

Two things that Labour hate: The Motorist and fair and balanced laws.

During the years since 1997 the motorist, all 28 million of us have been used as a cash cow for Gordon Brown’s profligate spending with the ever increasing cost of fuel, speed and traffic cameras and Green Tax lies to try and extort still more money from the motoring public.

Today is truly a red letter day for Labour they have found a new way to cost the motorist more money and damage democratic law all in one go.

From today if you are found not guilty of a motoring offence you will still have to pay the costs.

So even if innocent you have to be able to afford to pay the costs, frivolous prosecutions can be brought as they dont cost the police or the government anything, more people will plead guilty which brings in more money for the government.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the age old principle of ‘the loser pays’ has been costing the government too much money.