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General Election Jacqui Smith’s Campaign Supported Labour Expenses Trougher And Eddie Izzard

Jacqui Smith most famous for claiming for those movies - 3 times

Like Hazel Blears, disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has dropped of the radar since the expenses scandal and those infamous porn movies.

For a reminder of Smith’s troughing and the subsequent rigging of the Parliamentary Standards Committee by Labour click here

You can tell a lot about a PPC’s campaign by the people who come to support their bid to get elected; in this case Baroness Morris of Yardley.

The former education secretary, claimed thousands of pounds to refurbish her London flat in the run-up to the 2005 general election.
After the election, Tony Blair nominated her for a seat in the House of Lords.
More in The Telegraph

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Jacqui Smith Porngate Continues

Fresh revelations today about disgraced Redditch Saddleback former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and those porn movies.

In case you need a quick reminder on the original expenses, the Labour Party white wash to protect her, the Hyacinth Bucket edition of Question Time and the campaign by the voters of Redditch to get her out, then click here

After the original story about Smith’s husband spanking his monkey on the tax payer, the relationship between the pair was said to be strained, this latest revelation is probably not going to figure in Relate’s handbook for bringing people together.

In documents released today Smith’s expenses show 3 separate claims for Virgin Media for £67 (£10 for porn) for the same bill in May, September and October 2008, so effectively we paid her husband £20 for his recreational activities.

The original bill was photocopied and then presented twice more for payment.

The revelation came as it emerged the former home secretary had also used her Commons expenses to buy a 32in television and DVD player.

They were to fit out her family home in Redditch – where her husband Richard Timney, pictured, admitted watching the adult movies – while claiming her main home was the spare room of her sister’s terraced house in London.

Receipts published yesterday show she submitted a £611 bill for a double bed with pocket-sprung mattress from John Lewis and a £499.37 bill for a new shower.

What chance of re-election now Jacqui?

Get The Trougher Out – Another Campaign Starts

While Parliament dithers seemingly unwilling, or unable to put it’s house in order people power is starting to surface and express it’s disgust with troughing MP’s. The campaign in Redditch to get Jacqui Smith out has over 10,000 signatures, Smith will be defending a majority of 2,300 so as such will more than likely be a casualty at the General Election


Margaret Moran not wanted

Margaret Moran Labour MP for Luton South suffered national embarrassment when the expenses scandal broke in May. The Telegraph revealed she tried to make taxpayers pay for £22,500 of dry rot treatment to her second home in Southampton – 100 miles from her constituency.

Since the expenses scandal broke in May Moran has followed the example of her leader, found a bunker and dropped out of sight. This has not gone down well in Luton where the local paper has started a campaign to get Moran dismissed by Gordon Brown and an immediate by election called.

In response to the campaign Moran issued a statement earlier today: Read the rest of this entry

The Redditch Saddleback is on Question Time

By Tory Aardvark

Jacqui Smith will be on Question Time this week and she is in SMS mode (Save My Seat) according to Nadine Dorries.

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

NadineDorriesMP@bbcquestiontime Smith is in SMS (save my seat) mode. her Im so sorry my mum said I must make amends act on AQ last week was not good.
Smith’s performance was not good, especially with Mr Smith in the audience and people keep mentioning those 2 movies

Some might say that Jacqui Smith is the best example as to why AWS are not a good idea, Aardvark is one of them.

Listen to Any Questions Friday 23rd October 2009

Thursday’s Caption Competition

By Tory Aardvark

Cabinet Meeting Downing Street 29/01/08

Jacqui Smith Labour Protect Their Own Again

By Tory Aardvark

Watch Jacqui as the coven looks adoringly on and gives her support

As per usual Labour have closed ranks and demonstrated that there is one rule of law for the political elite, and another rule of law for everyone else; such is the arrogance and contempt Brown and his Labour government have for the population.

Due to a promotion and various commitments on the day that the Standards and Privileges Committee met there were 5 Labour MP’s and 1 Conservative MP.
Why was the meeting to discuss Smith not postponed until there could be a fair and balanced committee?

The typical Labour whitewash that they are trying with Baroness Scotland and will doubtless try with Harriet Harman.

The Times says her career is ruined; The Telegraph doubt that she is sorry.

Sir Thomas Legg can still order her to pay the money back or the public can take action against her, Guido on the BBC News.

Remember Hazel Blears?

By Tory Aardvark

Attack of the 50" troughing chipmunk

Attack of the 50 inch troughing chipmunk

Updated April 9th 2010

The troughing chipmunk is back as the candidate for Salford and Eccles and has started campaigning

Are there no lengths Brown will not go to save Patricia Scotland?

By Tory Aardvark

Once again with an outstanding display of underhand dealing Gordon Brown’s Labour goverment executed one of it’s now infamous U turns to prevent the Attorney General from breaking the rules on expenses. Not only is the Attorney General above her own laws, there is now a dedicated troughers charter for her.

Attorney General is Toast?

Attorney General is Toast?

“BARONESS SCOTLAND was saved from facing questions about her expenses last week by a swift government U-turn that at a stroke changed its policy on allowances.”

“the Cabinet Office could not have been more clear that Scotland should have received the allowance only if her main home was outside the capital.”

“However, less than 24 hours after the article was published, Baroness Royall, the leader of the Lords, sanctioned a statement by the Cabinet Office which overturned all its previous advice. It said the allowance was available to all lords who serve as ministers, regardless of where they live.”

More from Jonathan Calvert and Claire Newell in the Times Online

There is more to come on the Baroness  story later on today…….

Jacqui Smith – It’s not looking good

By Tory Aardvark

Storm clouds are gathering on the event horizon for former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Smith while Home Secretary caused deep public anger about her living arrangements and the rented room at her sisters house that was her “main home”, and then iced the cake by claiming for two porno movies watched by her husband. The Smiths and the Harmans are friends, one can only wonder if Mr Smith was welcome in Ms Harman’s home after the porn movies scandal.

With the quiet of the summer recess many of the MP’s must have thought that the expenses scandal would go away, but despite the promotion of the former Standards and Privileges Committee’s chairman Sir George Young to the Conservative Front Bench, the committee is still functioning and last Wednesday met to discuss Smith’s fate.

The rumours circulating in Westminster are that it’s unlikely to be anything but bad news, as the only thing members of the committee will say regarding Smith is “No Comment”

Interesting enough the pro Labour team of Adam Boulton at Sky News are campainging to have former Labour Minister Chris Mullen parachuted in, but the story goes the next Chairman will be a Conservative MP. Probably explains the pro Labour censorship on the Sky News discussion site.

Lest we forget – The Cabinets Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

With all the other political news perhaps it is time to remember the Expenses Scandal and the troughing done by Cabinet Ministers

Relive the excesses at our expense of senior Labour Ministers courtesy of the The Telegraph