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The Story behind The Telegraph and the MP’s Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

The biggest political story since Watergate?
Possibly but the major coup by The Telegraph on the MP’s expenses scandal is now turning into a fascinating story in its own right.

A book Called No Expenses Spared is published tomorrow.

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

“How soldiers’ fury helped lead the Telegraph to its great exclusive” from Telegraph Blogs Editor Damian Thompson

Brown, various defence ministers and Brown’s government have sold the armed forces short, and it is widely recognised that the Government have broken the military covenant.

From cutting the defence budget while we were fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to lying to the country about the equipment our brave soldiers have, Brown and his shower have behaved shamefully.
When the Generals spoke out, they were subjected to the very best lies and smear campaign from the blueprint of Draper, Collins and McBride.
The storm that followed this finally forced “Working Class” Bob Ainsworth to order his weasles to stop smearing General Dannatt, this however did not stop Gordon Brown from personally blocking the Generals promotion to Chief of the Defence Staff. The country has lost a very capable and respected officer because of the vanity of Gordon Brown and his Labour Government, the armed forces a respected and skilled champion.

Aardvark believes in Karma, and in The Telegraph “MPs’ expenses details were leaked by a mole who was angry about the Government’s failure to properly equip Britain’s armed forces while politicians spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on themselves.” by the authors of the book is proof that what went around came back.

Baroness Scotland Reported to the Bar Standards Board

“Bookies William Hill are offering odds of 9/4 that the Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, will resign or be sacked before the end of this year” writes Guido on his blog

Here is the whole story

Principled comment from Conservative Home

9/4 for phone bets with a maximum bet of £75, that she will have to go before the end of the year more at Political Betting

Vera Baird to replace Patricia Scotland?

Rumours abound that the clock is ticking for Baroness Scotland, ever since Brown announced he was standing by her, he days were numbered

But who is Vera Baird and what is her claim to fame?

Vera Baird QC MP

Vera Baird QC MP

Vera Baird is the current Solicitor General, and comes with usual Labour baggage we have come to expect from anyone appointed by this government.

Ms Baird famously criticised a judge for his sentencing, it later transpired that it was Ms Baird who had misunderstood the law.

Prone to a bit of troughing, she designates her London flat as her main home while claiming her 4 bed house in the country as her second home, and all on a salary of over  £125,000.

Looks like we are going to replace one incompetent trougher with another, this government is bereft of talent and can only find self serving troughers to fill posts.

Time for a GE now

Latest from The Telegraph something about Christmas decorations.

Baroness Scotland Accused of £170,000 Expense Fiddle

The Labour Attorney General

The Labour Attorney General

Honestly how much better can this get?

Baroness Scotland the Labour Attorney General not only breaks her own laws, but now she has wrongly claimed £38,280 per annum, since 2004.

Despite giving her his full backing, if Brown thinks Patricia Scotland can remain as Attorney General, he is stark raving mad writes Guido on his blog