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More Money For Mental Heath Problems For UK Forces

Liam Fox time to stop the national scandal of post conflict suicides

More people who served in the Falklands War have committed suicide since the war ended, than were killed in combat operations, just think about that for a moment.

A large number of the homeless on the streets of Britain today are ex-service people, people who have fought for us will tonight bed down in a cardboard box in a shop doorway.

The cause of all this suffering and misery can be directly traced to the effects of combat and viewing sudden violent death, on a daily basis and what happens to the individual after the war is over.

There is very little Aardvark can find to applaud about this Coalition Government, however the news that Liam Fox is taking immediate steps to stop what he calls “the national scandal of post conflict suicides” is very good news Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown’s Shameful Failure To Properly Fund UK Armed Forces

How does Brown have the nerve to go Afghanistan?

The issue of Gordon Brown and funding for the UK Armed forces is back in the spotlight again today, with Brown denying at PMQ’s that he had denied funds to the forces with the unconvincing “Military spending rose every year” and will “increase in the next financial year”.

More lies, spin and deceit, unless the Military spending rose to meet the immediate need, which we know it did not, then Brown is once again being disengenous and it could be reasonbly argued has blood on his hands.

On January 10th Aardvark blogged: “Gordon Brown Repeatedly Blocked Purchase Of Life Saving Equipment For Our Troops“:

The leaked letters show Brown personally overturned earlier Treasury assurances that the Ministry of Defence would be free to spend extra cash on troop-carrying helicopters for Iraq and Afghanistan.

In one letter sent in 2004, Hoon warned that, if Brown refused to back down, “We would have to scale back on major equipment programmes.” He went on to claim that the helicopter programme in particular would suffer.

In addition to Hoon at Chilcot, there were also leaked letters from the MOD Read the rest of this entry

Brown, The Labour Government And Another Slap In The Face For Our Armed Forces

It just never stops with Brown and Labour there is something in their genes that makes Labour politicians useless when it comes to the Armed Forces and any degree of decency and integrity.

Yesterday at PMQ’s Brown said to the House of Commons that the US decision to send more troops to Afghanistan would be made in the next few days, this was almost immediately denied by the White House, which said a decision on extra troops was weeks away.

So why did Brown say the decision was days away?

Was he poorly briefed or did he lie to Parliament again?

Either way it’s another very poor effort on behalf of the Prime Mentalist and the war.

Now today the Government slap the troops in the face again, with news that the Ministry Of Defence has paid out almost £300 million to civil servants for performance bonuses since 2003.
To put that in perspective, the money paid for their performance bonuses would have purchased nearly 6 Chinook helicopters, bad enough that Brown cut the Helicopter Budget by £1.4 billion when he was Chancellor.

No money for equipment for soldiers in the field, but money for jobsworth civil servants Read the rest of this entry

The Story behind The Telegraph and the MP’s Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

The biggest political story since Watergate?
Possibly but the major coup by The Telegraph on the MP’s expenses scandal is now turning into a fascinating story in its own right.

A book Called No Expenses Spared is published tomorrow.

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

“How soldiers’ fury helped lead the Telegraph to its great exclusive” from Telegraph Blogs Editor Damian Thompson

Brown, various defence ministers and Brown’s government have sold the armed forces short, and it is widely recognised that the Government have broken the military covenant.

From cutting the defence budget while we were fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to lying to the country about the equipment our brave soldiers have, Brown and his shower have behaved shamefully.
When the Generals spoke out, they were subjected to the very best lies and smear campaign from the blueprint of Draper, Collins and McBride.
The storm that followed this finally forced “Working Class” Bob Ainsworth to order his weasles to stop smearing General Dannatt, this however did not stop Gordon Brown from personally blocking the Generals promotion to Chief of the Defence Staff. The country has lost a very capable and respected officer because of the vanity of Gordon Brown and his Labour Government, the armed forces a respected and skilled champion.

Aardvark believes in Karma, and in The Telegraph “MPs’ expenses details were leaked by a mole who was angry about the Government’s failure to properly equip Britain’s armed forces while politicians spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on themselves.” by the authors of the book is proof that what went around came back.