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Ed Vaizey Warns Film Council Quango

Ed Vaizey warns Film Council to stop using public money to brief against Ministers

A bit of self indulgence here, Ed Vaizey is Aardvarks MP and Ed is slapping Labour luvvies at the Film Council who are in uproar about the death of their Quango.

Good sources inside the Film Council have warned Ed, who is a minister at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport that the Quango is using Public Money to brief against the decision by Jeremy Hunt to cut the Quango as part of the defecit reduction. Read the rest of this entry

General Election Jacqui Smith’s Campaign Supported Labour Expenses Trougher And Eddie Izzard

Jacqui Smith most famous for claiming for those movies - 3 times

Like Hazel Blears, disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has dropped of the radar since the expenses scandal and those infamous porn movies.

For a reminder of Smith’s troughing and the subsequent rigging of the Parliamentary Standards Committee by Labour click here

You can tell a lot about a PPC’s campaign by the people who come to support their bid to get elected; in this case Baroness Morris of Yardley.

The former education secretary, claimed thousands of pounds to refurbish her London flat in the run-up to the 2005 general election.
After the election, Tony Blair nominated her for a seat in the House of Lords.
More in The Telegraph

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Eddie Izzard Does A Labour Party Politcal Video

Photographed constantly at last years Labour Party car crash conference hanging around the Kinnocks, like a dung beetle around……….. Eddie Izzard has made a video which people would want to watch at the start of the weekend, allegedly.

It might be if you are about to spend the weekend in the doom and gloom of the damp bunker where Dear Leader moves imaginery armies to invade through the Ardennes ponders a future that could have so different if George Osborne had not out manoeuvred him in 2007 causing Brown to bottle the election.

Hat tip to Ben Brogan for the article, it’s well worth clicking the link as the comments on Izzard are priceless.

Latest Conservative Poster Upsets Labour Luvvies At Sky News

The latest Conservative campaign poster has upset the Labour luvvies at Sky News.

When Adam Boulton got married, the guest list read like a who’s who of the New Labour elite, so it’s no big surprise to find like minded Labour propaganda being spouted by Boulton’s team, in this case Miranda Richardson:

Gone is the controversially smooth forehead of the Tory leader and in its place a wilting Labour rose and a tombstone.

CCHQ must be hoping this latest offering will put an end to the ridicule of their last poster, but at Boulton & Co towers, we’re unsure they’ll succeed.

With the BBC we have no choice we have to fund their left wing pro Labour propaganda by law, but with Sky we have a choice to pay or not to pay.

This sort of pro Labour reporting extends on to Sky’s so called discussion forums where anything anti Gordon Brown, Labour or Climate Change is immediately deleted by the censors.