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Geoff Hoon Sacked From NATO Committee

More bad news for the man who built a property empire from the ill gotten gains of the MP’s expenses scandal, it looks like Hoon’s diary is going to remain empty for April now, and probably at lot longer than that.

The fallout from the Channel 4 Dispatches program continues; earlier in the week Hoon was suspended from the Labour Party, after secret filming showed Hoon and 2 other Labour ministers as avaricious, grasping pond life in the cash for lobbying row. Well know trougher Margaret Moran was also suspended from the Labour Party as a result of the program, which is weird, because she was already suspened becuase of her MP’s expenses, maybe it only counts when you get suspended 3 times?

Anders Fogh Rasmussen chairman of the NATO forward planning committee than Hoon sat on, on hearing that Hoon was suspended from the Labour Party, told Hoon to go. Read the rest of this entry

Expenses – 5th Labour MP To Be Investigated By Police

Labour MP Harry Cohen subject of Police investigation

Another Labour expenses fiddler is about have his collar felt by the Met, Wanstead and Leyton MP Harry Cohen is to be the subject of a criminal investigation; Cohen claimed expenses in excess of £70k for his second home while he rented out his first home.

The Met have asked the HoC authorities for documents relating to expense claims made by Cohen, though the Police have yet to question Cohen.

Also under investigation is Eric Illsley, Labour MP for Barnsley who is alleged to have made phantom claims for Council Tax, whatever that may be. Read the rest of this entry