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Ed Miliband Predicted To Win Labour Leadership Contest

The next Labour Party Leader could be Ed Miliband

Latest news is that the smart money is now backing Ed Miliband to be the next Labour Leader, The Guardian are running an article on it, Sky News reports a very close run contest with Ed winning and rumours abound on Twitter that David concedes privately that his younger sibling will win.

Fingers crossed that Forrest Gump wins, a Trotskyite Warming Alarnist as leader of the Labtard Party, just how much better can it get? Read the rest of this entry

Just How bad was Labour’s conference

By Tory Aardvark

What reduction to 7 points?
What reduction to 7 points?
That's a wrap then
That’s a wrap then

Gulags for Slags, lies and smears just does not wash anymore

Good bye you usless cunch of bunts oops chumps

Labour Lies and Smears start afresh

By Tory Aardvark

Earlier on today we blogged about the possible glorious return of Damain McBride to the Labour Party’s smear and lies machine.
Latest news looks like there could be more than a grain of truth in this.

Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman in her speech today made references to David Cameron giving fox hunting to everyone, following on from this class war howler, she turned on George Osborne and said “He would do away with Surestart and replace it with a lap dancing club in every community”

Scantily Clad Harpie

Scantily Clad Harpie

Georger Osborne was a target for sex smears in the Labour Smeargate campaign orchestrated by Draper, Collins and McBride.

Harman is now trying to write this off as a joke, but consider this you are deputy leader of a party that has been abandoned by a newspaper that has supported you for 12 years, Leader’s make or break speech “Gulags for Slags” has crashed and burned, and even the grand dame of Labour propaganda Tuscan property magnate Polly Toynbee says it’s all over.

What have Harman and Labour got left to lose?

Goings on in Brighton

By Tory Aardvark

The Labour conference is underway amid the mixed messages from the slowly withering government and the opinion polls. Once the the major events of the day are over there are all sorts of meetings, bun fights and other gatherings. Here are some interesting snippets in no particular order that have appeared on various blogs and tweets.

Long time Labout propaganda boradsheet the Guardian held a party last night expecting Gordon Brown to show, instead in a suprising lack of sensitivty Brown attended the The Telegraph party instead. As Brown is rapidly running out of friends in the media, one could be forgiven for thinking that he would have been there, but then no one could accuse Brown of political judgement. There was a book called “How Make Friends and Influence People” perhaps the party faithful should be hunting on Amazon for a copy for Leader.

The opinion polls are all over the place yesterday Labour had gained 5%, today they are in third place behind the Lib Dems, the real test will be in the polls when the Conference silly season is over.

Labour activists have allegedly been given the plan for the General Election Campaign, with polling day being May 6th 2010, which would mean the country voting on Local Elections and the General Election on the same day, the other option is to hang on until June 3rd 2010. However with all the indicators that Labour will get hammered Nationally and Locally Brown is unlikely to want to go to the country having just been hammered in the Local elections.

The talk amongst Labour delegates is of doom and gloom, post electoral defeat leadership contests and struggling back from a defeat likely to be worse than that suffered by Michael Foot in 1983. Special advisers are busily updating their CV’s and wondering if they will have a job next summer.
All the indications from various fringe meetings are that following electoral disaster the Labour party will swing massively to the left, which should mean with a bit of luck they are unelectable for at least two generations.

Going back to the Guardian party in the Grand Hotel, they did get one MP drop by Martin McGuiness………….

Labour List tell the truth….. in their first report.

Not Many Takers for Gordon Brown’s Last Supper

By Tory Aardvark

The Prime Minster returns from being snubbed by President Obama to his party Conference in Brighton; a conference overshadowed by the ongoing storm over the Attorney General.
The lid is likely to blow on this tomorrow morning or later tonight when, if Max Clifford is correct, the cleaners version of the story will be published in a Sunday Newspaper.
Max Clifford says the two versions are substantially different, the Conservatives are asking for the enquiry to be reopended if indeed there are multiple versions of the story.

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

This is the last Labour Party Conference before the General Election, and the all the signs of an impending disaster and PR embarassment are on the cards.
This year for what will effectively be Brown’s last supper, the Labour Party have booked a venue for the dinner with 800 seats, but have so far sold just 330 seats; for any Labour readers we know how you hate numbers, it is 41.25% of seats sold.

With at least 67 (20%) of Labour MP’s standing down, and more than few not actually going to the conference at all, Labour could be well on the way to it’s very own Greek tradegy in Brighton.

“We are simultaneously staring over the abyss and at our navels,” said Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North more from Ian Johnston in The Telegraph