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Gordon Brown Left The Country And Labour Virtually Bankrupt

Prescott estimates Browns bottled election cost Labour £1.5 million

The Labour party is virtually bankrupt and is only surviving on the goodwill of the Co-Op bank, which has to be a very good reason to relocate any funds in the Co-Op bank to a different bank, and not to shop at either the Co-Op or Somerfield.

Former deputy leader of the Labtard party and newly anointed Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane, John Prescott is running for the post of Labour Party Treasurer. Read the rest of this entry

Can Anyone Detox The Labour Party Brand

The toxic Gordon Brown made Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

The toxic Gordon Brown make Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

A You Gov survey for Demos shows that 75% of voters now view the Labour Party Brand as toxic, shame they all were not this wise in 1997 or this country would not be in the mess that it now finds itself in.

It gets better, or worse depending upon your point of view with voters viewing the party as out of touch, divided, weak and old fashioned Read the rest of this entry

Poll 62% Of The Voters Want Gordon Brown Gone Now

"You might have voted, but I know better"

The man who has assiduously avoided elections all his political life has finally had to face the judgement of others, and been rejected.

This of course makes no difference to Gordon Brown who is trying to do deals and keep himself as PM in direct opposition to the majority of voters, who voted decisively against Labour.

A Sunday Times/YouGov poll taken on Friday and Saturday shows that 62% of voters want Brown out of No 10, yesterday: Read the rest of this entry

Do You Really Know Ed Balls?

The pressure is building on Ed Balls and this video from the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics makes sure that people will know Balls, before they cast their vote.

Transparency and anti-corruption campaigners at the Sunlight Centre have bought advertising space for a video which attacks Ed Balls for expenses abuses including flipping his house three times, claiming for a remembrance poppy wreath and taking an £89,000 payment for producing two pamphlets for the Smith Institute in 9 months. Full story here

Hazel Blears – The Salford Star Puts The Boot In

More bad publicity for Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears antics as a serial house flipper and trougher of tax payers money has done serious damage to both Blears and Labour in Salford, so much so that Labour have declared Salford to be a marginal seat.

Salford has been Labour since dinosaurs walked the earth, the fact that Labour now have serious worries about the seat, shows the level of damage Blears has done.

The whole blame does not really lie with Blears, Salford Labour Party must take a share of the blame for re-selecting Blears after the expenses scandal.

The Salford Star is no great fan of the ginger chipmunk and today have exceeded all previous efforts with this post:

Hazel Blears is the pin up girl of the MPs expenses scandal… The properties in London, the £1,773 on two TVs in less than a year, the cleaning bills, the £200 bath towels, the £9000 food bill and the husband who’s picking up almost £80,000 from Salford Royal Hospital Trust as a non-exec director. It goes on and on and on…

So Hazel Blears and your expenses sheet, come on down… Read the rest of this entry

Labour Declare Salford A Marginal Constituency

Hazel Blears has made Salford a Labour marginal seat

Disgraced Labour trougher and serial home flipper Hazel Blears campaign to get elected as MP for Salford is in as much trouble, as that other troughing Blair babe Jacqui Smith’s campaign is in Redditch.

Their abuse of the expenses system has done them and the party they represent lasting damage.

So bad is the damage that Blears has done, that Labour have declared Salford a marginal consituency:

A Labour Party insider tells me that Salford has nowbeen declared “a marginal constituency” for the first time in…well, ages! People say you could stick a red rosette on a donkey and it’d get elected in Salford, but it seems that the Labour Party itself no longer thinks so. … Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Is The Worst PM Ever Says Labour Candidate

Labour PPC for North West Norfolk

Manish Sood the Labour PPC for North West Norfolk has described Gordon Brown as the worst PM this country has ever had in a newspaper interview:

The candidate told Sky News he “absolutely” stood by his comments made to Lynn News.

He said Mr Brown’s policies were a “total disaster” for the country.

“Obviously this is a very serious matter because at the end of the day we have a prime minister standing so close to the General Election and things are going totally wrong,” he said.

“It’s a real disaster for the cities, the country and the nation.

“Look at the policies that he’s got – increasing National Insurance contributions very, very close to the General Election.

“Petrol prices are going up very, very close to the General Election. An increase in tax on employment income – very, very close to the General Election.

All the policies he’s bringing in are a total disaster.

Full story Sky News

Tony Blair Turns Out To Support Jacqui Smith In Redditch

Copyright Pool/Getty Images Europe

Accomplished Labour trougher and former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is not having the best of election campaigns, deeply unpopular in her constituency of Redditch since the expenses scandal broke Smith has been relying on fellow Labour expense pigs and Labour Luvvie Eddie Izzard to boost her flagging campaign.

Before continuing Aardvark has noticed that just like Labour election leaflets rarely mention Gordon Brown, so none of the placards being held up by the activists mention the Redditch Saddleback, nor do the Labour placards behind Blair mention Smith. Even Hazel Blears has her name on Labour propaganda in Salford, but then Blears is not defending a flaky majority in  seat No 47 on the Conservative hit list.

Blair is losing his media/voter appeal as there was no mention of this on any of the MSM outlets, and as this picture shows even Blair could not drum up support for Jacqui Smith. Other photographs of the event are mainly a photo opportunity for the orange war criminal, as Smith only features in 2 of the 7 photographs! Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown And The Great Inheritance Tax Lie

A Tory inheritance tax policy that will only benefit the 3000 richest families

If Gordon Brown is not making reference to some potential event “endangering the recovery” then it is a fairly safe bet that he will be harping on about Conservative Inheritance Tax policy only benefiting the richest 3000 families in the country.

When you think it through it is a totally ridiculous thing to say, but then a lot of what Labour is about is the sound byte, a statement in isolation quickly followed by another sound byte. No time to think,  move on quickly.

Any political party that wants to get elected needs a broad swathe of public support, a policy on Inheritance Tax that appeals to only 3000 families is hardly going to be a vote winner or General Election decider due to narrow appeal.

If the appeal is so narrow then why does Gordon Brown endlessly recite the “3000 richest families mantra”? Read the rest of this entry

A Desperate Labour Party Updates Its Manifesto