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Labour Activists In Defeat Is It Any Wonder They Lost

Typical of the pathetic and bitter response to Labour going into opposition can be found on the discussion boards of Sky.

Under the topic heading: Cameron heard telling Grayling,(Now we will teach those gays a lesson.

Can be found the irrelevant and vitriolic babblings of a Labtard junior league pit viper that goes by the name of thewiseone; a McBride babe if there ever was one.

post entry thewiseone You cant complain now, as you knew they were homaphobes.

post entry Aardvark What are homaphobes?

post reply thewiseone

Cameron and Grayling have always admited being homophobic, so whats the problem? All us conservatives agree, they are correct.
Posted by Ardvaark

post reply Dean555 editing people posts now, isn’t that against the rules, I think I better report you.

The Labtard activist is editing posts and attributing them to another poster, Brown and Damian McBride would be so proud. Read the rest of this entry