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Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy Breaks The Law On Postal Voting

McMcarthy broke postal voting laws

Postal voting is a farce open to all sorts of fraud and multiple voting, but, it is supposed to be secure from a Labour PPC for Bristol East tweeting the number of postal votes cast for each party.

But with their usual contempt for bigoted voters Kerry McCarthy the Labout Twitter Czar has done just that.

Unable to blame Sue when cornered McCarthy,  following the example of chief bigot spotter Gordon Brown, then tried to share the blame with other Tweeters who reacted incredulously at her behaviour and re Tweeted her tweets along with calls to inform the Police.

Kerry4MP then turned the tables back on @Parlez_me_nTory by tweeting @Parlez_me_nTory @ianvisits I think you two perhaps shouldn’t compound the error? My mistake – hands up! But you can’t do it either’. Hat tip to Bracknell Blog

It remains to be seen if the police and the electoral commission get involved

* * * Update * * *

The Telegraph now have the story as well.

Electoral Commission confirm that McCarthy’s tweet is illegal

16:22 Right now Bristol council are receiving complaints about that pesky 1983 Act, Section 66 (1) and 66 (2) from @ToryBear

16:36 @torybear RT @michaelsavage: BREAKING: Spoken to Bristol council: “It is a criminal matter”. Local police awaiting a complaint to investigate.

18:00 Story on most MSM outlets now, why has no one called it Twiitergate yet?

18:50 ITN News report that Bristol City Council have reported McCarthy to the Police

Hazel Blears Husband Gets £80k As Salford Hospital Axes 750 Jobs

Hazel Blears is in the news again with yet more negative publicity this time concerning her husband Michael Halsall who has received £80K in fees as Salford Royal Hospital prepares to slash 750 jobs over the next three years as part of vicious Labour government cuts in NHS budgets.

The Salford Star has this to say:

Plans were leaked recently showing that the top rated Salford Royal Hospital aims to axe 250 jobs a year until 2013 in an effort to chop £16million from its budget. At the same time, Hazel Blears’ husband, Michael Halsall, will be earning over £13,000 a year as a `non executive director’ of the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

The Hospital Trust’s Annual Report shows that in the year ending 31st March 2009 Halsall attended a total of 19 board and committee meetings, which works out at almost £700 per meeting.

Back in September 2009, at a Council of Governors and Board meeting (to which Michael Halsall sent his apologies for not attending), the Hospital Trust’s Director of Finance told of “the end of the ‘growth’ period and the requirement of the NHS to reduce costs…and what this could mean in real terms for Salford Royal”. Read the rest of this entry

Byers, Hoon and Hewitt Suspended We See

Anyone who saw the Channel 4 Dispatches program cannot fail to have been disgusted at the MPs behaviour, arrogance and the blatant lies they used to oversell their influence and importance.

From the delusional Margaret Moron who is too ill to take calls from constituents but looked fit and well at her interview, to Stephen Byers with his For Hire sign brightly lit and the two failed coup conspirators Hoon and Hewitt, as one they came across as grasping avaricious pigs who would stop at nothing to profit from their contacts and inside knowledge.

Yesterday Gordon Brown said there was no need for an inquiry, now this evening the BBC are reporting that Byers, Hoon and Hewitt have been suspended from the Labour Party.

Because this might be the last chance ever to say it “What a Hoon”

Harriet Harman To Be Charged With Careless Driving And Using A Mobile Phone While Driving

Harriet Harman alleged traffic menace

At the begining of October it was reported that the Deputy Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman had been involved in a car accident and contrary to the 1988 Road Traffic Act had failed to stop and leaver her details. Instead the other driver got an arrogant “I’m Harriet Harman – you know where you can get hold of me.”

On November 4th Harman was questioned by police.

Today the Crown Prosecution Service issued the following statement: “The Crown Prosecution Service has decided there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to prosecute the Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP for the offences of driving without due care and attention and driving whilst using a hand-held mobile telephone in relation to an incident on 3 July 2009 in Peckham, London.

The Metropolitan Police Service provided papers to the CPS on 9 November 2009 which were reviewed by the Special Crime Division in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

An MPS employee will now attend a magistrates’ court in order to obtain a summons to be served on Ms Harman.”

It was the Labour Government that brought in the law that banned drivers from using hand held mobile phones in 2003, yet another senior Labour figure, like the Attorney General who breaks the laws they make.

Careless Driving carries a maximum of 9 points and a £5,000 fine.

Will Harman resign? Not a chance in Gordon Brown’s government where an integrity bypass operation is de rigeur.

Harriet Harman Questioned By Police Over Car Accident

Just over a month ago Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman was allegedly involved in a car accident while using a hand held mobile phone.


I’m Harriet Harman... you know where you can get hold of me

Harriet has been to the see the Police at a pre-arranged time to answer questions about an alleged incident where she left the scene of an accident in breach of the 1988 Road Traffic Act and was also using a hand held mobile phone.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman confirmed that lawyers were in discussions with police regarding the case and that they had offered ‘preliminary advice’ – but were awaiting further evidence.
A full police file is expected to be sent to the CPS next month, when a decision will be taken on whether to prosecute Ms Harman.

Will there be the usual closing of ranks and one rule for us and one rule for the Labour Party Political Elite?

More than likely yes if previous form is anything to go by.

Consider how Lord Ahmed was jailed for 12 weeks, but let out after just 16 days and this similar case reported in the New York Times ; quite simply one rule for the Labour Elite and one for us plebs.

Get The Trougher Out – Another Campaign Starts

While Parliament dithers seemingly unwilling, or unable to put it’s house in order people power is starting to surface and express it’s disgust with troughing MP’s. The campaign in Redditch to get Jacqui Smith out has over 10,000 signatures, Smith will be defending a majority of 2,300 so as such will more than likely be a casualty at the General Election


Margaret Moran not wanted

Margaret Moran Labour MP for Luton South suffered national embarrassment when the expenses scandal broke in May. The Telegraph revealed she tried to make taxpayers pay for £22,500 of dry rot treatment to her second home in Southampton – 100 miles from her constituency.

Since the expenses scandal broke in May Moran has followed the example of her leader, found a bunker and dropped out of sight. This has not gone down well in Luton where the local paper has started a campaign to get Moran dismissed by Gordon Brown and an immediate by election called.

In response to the campaign Moran issued a statement earlier today: Read the rest of this entry

Has Jacqui Smith Re-Invented Herself As Hyacinth Bucket

By Tory Aardvark

Question Time this week was a lot more entertaining than last week for Aardvark because Jacqui Smith was on the show, and if there is one political thing Aardvark enjoys, it’s watching the Redditch Saddleback squirm whenever the topic of her expenses is raised.
When the show started it looked like Hyacinth Bucket had been a last minute substitution for the former Home Secretary,


New look Jacqui Smith

then Hyacinth spoke and the dawn of realisation hit, it’s Jacqui Smith.

A few days earlier we picked up a Tweet that Smith was going to be on the program in SMS (Save My Seat) mode, and indeed Jacqui was seat saving like there was no tomorrow, which for her political career is probably true.

For Jacqui Smith Mark 2 the socialist progressive teacher look is gone, now we have the Hinge and Bracket music teacher look, black sober and with a pearl necklace.

Was tonight’s performance the usual lacklustre affair that we have come to expect from Smith? Read the rest of this entry

Hazel Blears vs Nadine Dorries

By Tory Aardvark

Disgraced former Communities Minister Hazel Blears on those nasty right wing bloggers, Smeargate and Labour Policy.

Somewhat conspicuous by her absence from public life since she a had spot of “car trouble” Blears gets nicely bitch slapped by Nadine.

Nadine Dorries Receives Substantial Damages Payment From Damian McBride

By Tory Aardvark

Lies and Smears are the creed of the regime run by Gordon Brown and best personified by the odious creep Damian McBride. McBride, Derek Draper (Mr Kate Garraway) and then Labour Party Secretary Ray Collins orchestrated a campaign of lies and smears against any one who dared challenge the omnipotence of Dear Leader, McBride was himself hired by Gordon Brown as his attack dog. No one was safe from these three who give pond life a bad name.


Nadine Dorries MP smeared by McBride

Aardvark is not going to repeat McBride’s  lies and smears except to say that Read the rest of this entry

The Redditch Saddleback is on Question Time

By Tory Aardvark

Jacqui Smith will be on Question Time this week and she is in SMS mode (Save My Seat) according to Nadine Dorries.

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

NadineDorriesMP@bbcquestiontime Smith is in SMS (save my seat) mode. her Im so sorry my mum said I must make amends act on AQ last week was not good.
Smith’s performance was not good, especially with Mr Smith in the audience and people keep mentioning those 2 movies

Some might say that Jacqui Smith is the best example as to why AWS are not a good idea, Aardvark is one of them.

Listen to Any Questions Friday 23rd October 2009