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Brown And Labour Still Digging Their Jobs Tax Hole

Gordon Brown and Labours use of the d word (deceived) was both typical of Labour and at the same crass stupidity.

Brown spent a lot of time yesterday trying to spin what deceived meant, in the context of the semantic construction of his sentence and its implications (makes about as much sense as what Cyclops was saying). Its not what you say, so much as how people interpret it.

Unfortunately for Labour the business leaders have taken Browns words to mean that they are stupid, naive and easily led, and not surprsingly have reacted vigourously to refute this.

So the big question is why is Labour still digging an even deeper hole for itself? Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Tories Have Deceived Big Business

Leader knows best and smiles benevolently on his children

Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson’s arrogant statements that the Conservatives had deceived Big Business with their plans to scrap Brown’s tax on jobs, started a storm last week which is continuing unabated.

Last week 37 FTSE business leaders openly stated their support for George Osborne’s plans to scrap Labours Job Tax increase in NI contributions, today a further 30 have openly declared their support for Conservative plans.

The supremely inept and inaptly named Lord Adonis was left struggling trying to name a single FTSE company director that supported Labours tax on jobs. Read the rest of this entry