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Obama’s Settled Science Says So

Barack Obama is keeping up his campaign to fan the embers of the dying of Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle, this time with a Twitter campaign #ScienceSaysSo, this is presumably a reference to Obama’s very own science, a science that relies upon Liberal Green political consensus, rather than the real type of science that relies on observed empirical evidence.

Back in 2009 the science was settled for Obama, so 4 years down the road the science is even more settled.

As with all attempts to use social media to keep the fear of CO2 alive, the protagonists just end up preaching to the converted and attracting a lot of flack, just look at what has happened twice to Al Gore and his 24 hours of Climate Fantasy.

This latest failed attempt is unique in that apart from receiving a lot of attention from people who don’t buy into the man made climate change meme, it also attracted criticism from Lady Gaga’s fans: Read the rest of this entry