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Cameron Catches Brown And Clegg On The Hop

Copyright (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA)

Polls published immediately after the debate finished show David Cameron as the clear winner according to Sky News:

YouGov puts the Tory leader on 41%, followed by Nick Clegg on 32% and Gordon Brown on 25%.

ComRes had Mr Cameron two points ahead of Mr Clegg on 35% with Mr Brown trailing in third on 26%.

And Angus Reid put the Tory leader on 37%, eight points ahead of Mr Clegg on 29% and 14 points ahead of Mr Brown on 23%.

Aardvark is not entirely sure that Gordon Brown’s creepy gurning grin at the end did much to further Labour’s cause, but if the polls are to be believed then Labour is now the third party in British politics which should keep them from having another go at wrecking this country for a least a generation, and hopefully for all time.

David Cameron’s 3 Goals For The Last Leaders Debate

When the Leaders Debate ends tonight David Cameron must leave viewers with 3 key thoughts:

1. The European economies are in trouble and it is not the time for a weak coaltion government

2. Mrs Duffy was right about immigration and that only the Conservatives have a viable solution to the problem

3. No Conservative MP’s will keep Brown and Labour in power, while Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems wont tell you what they will do

The final leaders debate takes place tonight at Birmingham University hosted on this occasion by the BBC.

It is likely to be the most charged of the debates with Gordon Browns silent and terrible ghost in the room being Bigotgate, so dont expect any election anecdotes from Brown about a woman in Rochdale. Read the rest of this entry

Leaders Debates A Possible Lesson From The 1992 US Election

The televised Leaders Debates are a new phenomenon in British politics, where as in the USA, they have had this sort of debate for 50 years.

The 1992 US Presidential Elections were a two way fight between George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, until a third candidate entered the ring, Ross Perot a wealthy businessman from Texas.

During the televised Leadership debates Perot repeatedly wiped the floor with Bush and Clinton, but Clinton went on to become President.

After 2 Leadership debates we know very little about the impact of televised politics on actual votes cast, the General Election will be the first test of televised politics.

The first Leaders debate was watched by 9 million at the start of the program which subsequently tailed off as the program progressed, according to Sky News their viewing figures were 4.2 million for yesterday’s broadcast.

On these figures 50% less people watched the second debate, which does beggar the question are the debates failing to engage a public weary of politicians? Read the rest of this entry

Daily Mirror Brown Crushes Clegg And Cameron

David Cameron was left floundering last night as Gordon Brown repeatedly outsmarted him during Britain’s first Prime Ministerial TV debate.

So begins an article in the Mirror under the banner headline Brown Crushes Clegg and Cameron, evidently the Mirror watched a different Leaders Debate to the one watched by the rest of the populace who are in touch with the real world.

Lord Mandelson said Nick Clegg had won on style, Gordon Brown on substance and David Cameron was “painfully squeezed” in the middle.

He added: “People are seeing and hearing Nick Clegg for the first time … I accept he was high on style and quite effective. But on the other side of David Cameron was Gordon Brown. He won the argument.”

It’s difficult to the article seriously because it makes about as much sense as Labour do, and unsurprisingly there is no author listed for this piece of blatant Labour propagada. Read the rest of this entry