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Eco Twats Leo And Lucy – The Guilt Of The Garden Patio

The Horror of dead trees

As regime changes sweep across North Africa and dictators fall, it’s comforting to know that Leo and Lucy have more pressing matters to worry about, after beating themselves up about  bonfire night, perfume and Christmas Trees, now its the turn of the Garden Patio.

It seems that decking is bad because trees die, concrete is an environmental holocaust but crazy paving is good because it recycles, but isn’t crazy paving held together with concrete? Read the rest of this entry

Eco Twats Leo And Lucy – The Guilt Of Your Christmas Tree

Do you know who is the father of your tree? No, then you should feel very guilty

Christmas trees a quintessential part of the Christmas Festivities, a thing of beauty and enchantment to most people, unless you are an eco mentalist in which case you should be self flagellating because of the guilt of owning a Christmas Tree.

The downside of being an eco mentalist is the guilt, everything an evil human does is riddled with guilt, and Christmas is no exception.

Just simply buying a Christmas tree from a reputable outlet is not enough it would appear; even being fair eco trade sustainable friendly or some similar mix of buzz words is simply not enough.

Any self respecting eco mentalist would demand to see the family tree of their Christmas tree prior to any purchase Read the rest of this entry

Eco Twats Leo And Lucy – The Carbon Foot Print Of Perfume

Lucy is worried about the carbon footprint of perfume

Leo and Lucy are what Douglas Adams called mostly harmless in the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

In the global scheme of things Leo and Lucy dont rate that high in the warming alarmist movement, and their efforts to keep the Green flag flying are quite gentle and from another era, when compared to the ruthless exploitation of children by environmental groups like 10:10.

Aardvark was surprised at Lucy’s revelations about perfume, assuming that eco mentalist women were of the hairy arm pit and natural pheromone disposition Read the rest of this entry

Eco Twats Leo And Lucy Are Back

Eco twats Leo and Lucy apply guilt to everything in life

These two are a scream, stereo typical of the champagne slurping, sun dried tomato eating Nottinghill Socialists who adopt a cause and then go completely over the top.

These two publicised the eco mentalists carbon footprint of pets from December 2009, postulated about the carbon footprint of bonfire night and now with their latest opus maximus Read the rest of this entry