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Vince Cable Ends Up With VAT On His Face

VINCE CABLE: It is a conjecture and it’s a reasonable assumption and I wouldn’t claim anymore than that.

Saintly wannabe Chancellor of the Lib Lab Dems Alistair Cable Vince Darling Vince Cable has been caught out by the Lib Dems election poster which trying to spread fear worry about some fantasy VAT increase that Little Nicky and St Vince say the Conservatives are planning.

There is absolutely no foundation in fact, or reality, it is something that the Lib Dems just invented and they have been caught out:

Earlier in the week the Liberal Democrats launched a poster, warning of a VAT bombshell if the Conservatives won. Cross-examined by BBC1’s Politics Show today the Liberal Democrats’ Treasury spokesman admitted that the idea of a £389 bombshell was conjecture and conceded that he couldn’t rule out a hike in VAT. Transcript below.

JON SOPEL: I mean let’s leave aside whether or whether not there is a black hole in the Tories’ finances. Leave that to one side. You don’t know factually, that they are going to raise VAT. That is your conjecture.

VINCE CABLE: It is a conjecture and it’s a reasonable assumption and I wouldn’t claim anymore than that.

JON SOPEL: And that £389 is a rough figure plucked –

VINCE CABLE: It’s a ball park estimate of what it would require in order to fill that gap, and it seems a reasonable way of expressing that argument.”

JON SOPEL: Would you rule out raising VAT?

VINCE CABLE: No, I don’t. It’s something –

JON SOPEL: So therefore your position is no different to them.”

Hat tip to Tim Montgomerie for the story.

Clegg and Cable The Cracks Are Starting To Show

Little Nicky and St Vince of Fable

All is not as it seems in the wasted vote Lib Dem Party between Leader Little Nicky Clegg and his economic spokesman St Vince of Fable.

Little Nicky’s wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez has been texting friends in Spain:

Mrs Clegg, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, has been texting her Spanish amigos with gripes about Vince Cable. Apparently, Mrs Gonzalez Durantez is not happy with Vince’s habit of going freelance, announcing policies without fully consulting her husband first.”

He speculates that the relationship might be more more “Steptoe & Son than Flanagan & Allen“.

Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat attack poodle

“In his attack on William Hague as a “skinhead”, Chris Huhne is expressing the national dislike of baldies” writes David Lindsay in The Telegraph

The Lib Dem conference has not been an outstanding success for Little Nicky, firstly Vince Cable gaffed big time with the mansion tax, then much in-fighting about cuts, and now the Conservatives are rubbing salt in Little Nicky’s wounds

Aardvark has always thought the Lib Dems were just a watered down Labour, compare the vile attacks of Draper/Collins/McBride, Gordon Brown’s attack dogs, the with efforts of Little Nicky’s attack poodle calling William Hague baldy.