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Chris Huhne – How Much Longer

Huhne and a mobile revenue device in 2005

Chris Huhne can be easily located these days, just look for the increasing hordes of circling vultures in the sky and not far below will be the warming alarmist himself.

At the launch of whatever Climate Scripture Attila the Huhnatic did yesterday, the absence of Cabinet ministers not wishing to pick up the smell of death was quite simply amazing, given that a colleague is fighting for his political life, cabinet ministers were conspicuous by their absence and of the 2 who turned up, they were gone in under 10 minutes.

The pressure on Huhne keeps mounting as police announced that they will speak to Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – Zero Emissions, Zero Future

Political Death of a warming alarmist - Chrish Hune the Cabinet Minister with Zero Future

The political death of Chris Huhne is imminent, while he has the “full confidence” of duplicitous munchkin Nick Clegg, David Cameron has distanced himself from Attila the Huhnatic by saying “As for Chris Huhne, he has denied the allegations.” Attila the Huhnatic has been left hanging in the breeze since Cameron’s official spokesman refused to repeat that Huhne had Cameron’s backing.

The “full support” politically of someone who you personally attacked and attempted to dethrone, or Dave distancing himself from Huhne, it is difficult to work out which is more damaging to the beleaguered Climate Change Secretary; amusing to see how far the mighty Huhne has fallen since May 6th with his wind powered leadership bid, the great man proved as useful and as efficient and his beloved wind turbines. Read the rest of this entry