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46% Of Lib Dem Voters Would Be Happy With Another 5 Years of Gordon Brown

46% of Liberal Voters want another 5 years of Gordon Brown

The majority of Lib Dem voters would prefer to see Little Nicky supporting Gordon Brown in a hung a Parliament rather than David Cameron according to a ComRes poll for the Independent and ITV.

Looks like Lord Adonis hit the nail on the head when he said there was little difference between Labour and Lib Dems, a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for another 5 years of Gordon Brown and Labour sleaze.

There are also indications that the Lib Dems peaked prematurely and are starting to slip back in to third place oblivion.

Opinion Polls Do They Mean Anything Real At The Moment

Britain seems to have gone opinion poll made since the televised Leaders Debate last Thursday. Every day a new poll comes out claiming to show this or that is going to happen, the MSM is buzzing with a “hung parliament” message, but do these opinion polls actually predict with any degree of accuracy the actual outcome on May 6th?

When the Leaders Debates were announced many political commentators predicted that the party with the most to gain was the Lib Dems as they were on the stage with the big boys and as a result would get a bounce from the first Leaders Debate.

The actual broadcast was watched by a maximum of 9 million viewers at the start and as the program progressed so the viewing figures declined; which makes the sudden bounce for Nick Clegg in the polls all the more surprising as less than 25% of those eligible to vote actually watched the program. Read the rest of this entry