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Evening Standard Reports Gordon Brown Has Quit

The last ditch attempts of Labour to cling on to power after a crushing defeat in the General Election have come to nothing.

Gordon Brown in a calculated move to keep the Conservatives out of power yesterday sacrificed his Leadership of the Labour party in an attempt to do a deal with the Lib Dems, all for nothing.

Despite being overwhemingly rejected by the voters Brown was planning Mugabe like, to hang on to power until September and knowing Dear Leader probably beyond that. How astute of Sir Malcolm Rifkind to describe Brown as being just like Robert Mugabe.

Tonight’s Evening Standard has the headline “Brown Quits”.

There have several headlines in the last couple of days:”Brown quits”, “Brown to resign at…” Read the rest of this entry

Tories And Lib Dems Have A Deal

* * * Breaking News * * *

The Conservatives and Lib Dems have reached an outline deal according to Sky News

The Tories and Lib Dems have agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government according to Sky sources.

Sky’s Joey Jones said: “The negotiations are entering the endgame.

“The outline of a deal is there but the party hierarchies now have to go back to their MPs and put the deal to them.

“Things are moving quickly and once this afternoon’s meetings have taken place I think we could see things changing very, very swiftly.”

Earlier negotiators from both parties said there had been “further progress” in talks.

So all that remains is to prise Gordon Brown out of the No 10.

Are The Lib Dems In Danger Of Over Playing Their Hand

The presumption of would be king maker Nick Clegg

The hung parliament story, broadcast loudly by the left wing media as a sort of last resort of keeping Labour in power and by the rest as the polls are a story in themselves.

As many political commentators are endlessly saying the Leaders Debates have upset the polls, and no one really understands what the polls really mean, and how they will translate into votes on May 6th.

There is an old saying that you should never believe your publicity and Nick Clegg is starting to behave in way that shows the polls are going to his head by saying that his price for a Lib-Lab pact would be the head of Gordon Brown.

On the face of it, nothing wrong with that; Aardvark would like Gordon Brown’s head on a spike at Traitors Gate.

However when you dig deeper what you have in effect, is the Leader of one Political Party trying to say who will not be the Leader of another political party, understandably those who support Labour are none to impressed with Clegg. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Lib Dem Election Poster

No Election Night Count At Vale Of The White Horse District Council

Aardvark has the misfortune to live in an area where the Council is controlled by the Lib Dems.

Every year the Council Tax goes up, they proudly waste money on pointless projects, like Diversity Officers and like most councils have completely lost touch with the concept of public service, you know being there to serve the public. Anyone who falls behind with their Council Tax payments will attest to the speed at which Magistrates Warrants are issued.

Incompetent and inept, at the best of times, the council sent out 43,000 polling cards with the wrong address on, eventually we did receive the corrected polling cards, but this is not the point. As to the letter that was supposed to accompany the corrected polling cards, Aardvark is still waiting for that.

Wantage is one of 23 constituencies not counting on election night, so Aardvark rang the elections officer to ask why no count and the reply was absolutlely priceless:

“The Returning Officer had a risk assessment done and it’s too dangerous for people to be up for so long”

Many, many other constituencies can mange to count on election night so why not Vale of The White Horse?

Nick Clegg Messenger Of Fear Or Just A Lttle Bit Scary?

Vote Lib Lab Dem or we fear....

One of the most amusing political moments of the 1980s was David Steel and his “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government” at 1981 Liberal Conference.

Relive the moment

Move on 30 years and Little Nicky Clegg and his Doppelganger Tit Head Vince Cable believe they can attain power again, by one method or another. Read the rest of this entry

Beware Another Lib Lab Pact Like Steel And Callaghan

St Vince of Fable. Patron saint of flip floppers

There were some curious goings on yesterday with Lord Adonis virtually begging for Lib Dem voters to vote Labour. Then before the day was out Gordon Brown and Mandelson were both saying the same thing, any thing to keep those nasty baby eating Tories out of No 10.

Little Nicky Clegg was on the face of it playing hard to get, and protesting a bit too much about any possible pacts.

Meanwhile the sainted Vince Cable was proving one of Adonis’s statements about the similarity between Labour and the Lib Dems by attacking city business men that support George Osborne’s proposals to cut Brown’s Tax on Jobs. Fable Cable thinks that these business leaders are “nauseating” and his ally Gordon Brown thinks they are stupid.

One desperate to hang on to power and the other a member of a party that have not been elected to Government in living memory.

History has a nasty nack of repeating itself, there was a time, 1977, when the Lib Dems then called the Liberal Party formed a pact to keep another Labour regime long past it’s sell by date in power. A Labour government bailed out by the IMF and the economy in ruins.

Joint statement issued by Prime Minister Callaghan and David Steel on the aims of the Lib-Lab pact issued 23rd March 1977.

We agreed today the basis on which the Liberal Party would work with the Government in the pursuit of economic recovery.

The existence of this committee will not commit the Government to accepting the views of the Liberal Party, or the Liberal Party to supporting the Government on any issue.

Dont let the last sentence fool you, let the horse trading begin: Read the rest of this entry

General Election – Labour Begs For Lib Dem Votes

The Independent today has a story about Labour Transport Secretary Lord Adonis begging for Lib Dem Votes.

Adonis (the name still cracks Aardvark up) is a bit of political tart having been a member of the SDP and a Liberal councillor before switching sides to the Labour Party.

The move is unlikely to please Little Nicky and St Vince who are suffering from a bad dose of David Steel’s “go home and prepare for Government” delusion.

In a controversial intervention Lord Adonis raises the sensitive issue of tactical voting amid growing signs that Labour strategists regard a hung parliament as their only realistic hope of clinging to power after the general election.

Writing in The Independent today, the Transport Secretary, a former member of the Social Democratic Party and ex-Liberal Democrat councillor, says: “To avoid a Tory government after 6 May, it is vital to grasp now the fundamental Labour-Lib Dem identity of interest. This can best be served by Labour coming out of the election as strong as possible, able to form a government.” Read the rest of this entry