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46% Of Lib Dem Voters Would Be Happy With Another 5 Years of Gordon Brown

46% of Liberal Voters want another 5 years of Gordon Brown

The majority of Lib Dem voters would prefer to see Little Nicky supporting Gordon Brown in a hung a Parliament rather than David Cameron according to a ComRes poll for the Independent and ITV.

Looks like Lord Adonis hit the nail on the head when he said there was little difference between Labour and Lib Dems, a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for another 5 years of Gordon Brown and Labour sleaze.

There are also indications that the Lib Dems peaked prematurely and are starting to slip back in to third place oblivion.

Beware Another Lib Lab Pact Like Steel And Callaghan

St Vince of Fable. Patron saint of flip floppers

There were some curious goings on yesterday with Lord Adonis virtually begging for Lib Dem voters to vote Labour. Then before the day was out Gordon Brown and Mandelson were both saying the same thing, any thing to keep those nasty baby eating Tories out of No 10.

Little Nicky Clegg was on the face of it playing hard to get, and protesting a bit too much about any possible pacts.

Meanwhile the sainted Vince Cable was proving one of Adonis’s statements about the similarity between Labour and the Lib Dems by attacking city business men that support George Osborne’s proposals to cut Brown’s Tax on Jobs. Fable Cable thinks that these business leaders are “nauseating” and his ally Gordon Brown thinks they are stupid.

One desperate to hang on to power and the other a member of a party that have not been elected to Government in living memory.

History has a nasty nack of repeating itself, there was a time, 1977, when the Lib Dems then called the Liberal Party formed a pact to keep another Labour regime long past it’s sell by date in power. A Labour government bailed out by the IMF and the economy in ruins.

Joint statement issued by Prime Minister Callaghan and David Steel on the aims of the Lib-Lab pact issued 23rd March 1977.

We agreed today the basis on which the Liberal Party would work with the Government in the pursuit of economic recovery.

The existence of this committee will not commit the Government to accepting the views of the Liberal Party, or the Liberal Party to supporting the Government on any issue.

Dont let the last sentence fool you, let the horse trading begin: Read the rest of this entry