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Nick Clegg And The Lib Dems – The Fall Guys

Nick Clegg The Fall Guy

The news is bad for many faced Little Nicky Clegg, it seems that Dave has been using his Deputy PM as the fall guy for the Tuition Fees debacle.

An IPSOS Mori for Reuters makes very grim reading for Clegg and the Lib Dems, while the Tories and Labour are hardly affected. Read the rest of this entry

Clegg Planned To Drop Opposition To Fees In Return For Power

Clegg caught with a promise he never thought would catch up with him

The LibDems until May this had not really held any real power, apart from the LibLab Pact since, well no one can really remember when there was such a thing as Liberal Deputy PM.

Aardvark is a not a fan of this coalition thing and even less of a fan of Little Nicky Clegg, he is what my mother would have called an “odious little twerp”.

At the begining of the year the LibDems prospects for power were about the same as Gordon Brown voluntarily calling an election, it was never going happen. From their safe little world over the last ninety years or so the Liberals, SDP, LIbDems as they currently are could make all sorts of rash promises safe in the knowledge that they were never going to have to deliver. Read the rest of this entry