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Tory Bears Message to Baroness Scotland

Take the hint

Spending Cuts: Politics Has Gone Topsy-Turvy

So says Sky News’s faithful Labour groupie Adam Boulton

Quick refresher so we can position ourselves for the slant on the reporting. Adam Boulton married Tony Blair’s former aid Anji Hunter and a large number of guests at the wedding were Labour party power players.

Having seen the actual video on Sky yesterday where Osborne was very professional, eloquent and straight to the point the following from Boulton shows where he and several others at Sky News stand:
After a brilliant few days which led to his lionisation in the Tory press Mr Osborne, not for the first time, over-reached himself, producing secret documents which were neither secret nor evidence of the breathless charges he levelled against Labour.

Depends how you define secret, buried in the small print which no one reads in one way, the other way is to hide in the open.

No one else had picked up on this, so one mighty hat tip to George Osborne for bringing this to light. Osborne is proving consistenlty that he is no political lightweight.

The Robber Baroness

The Monday morning cartoon from Guido

As someone once said on another blog CLASS

It’s worth clicking on the cartoon on Guido’s page as this will take you to another site full of cartoons done for Guido

update 8.58am. The lovely Baroness has been fined the princely sum of…£5,000.

Will she see the day out?…Who knows!

The Legacy of Draper, Collins and McBride

You can tell just how desparate Labour and it’s attack dogs are as they launch the next phase of Smeargate, in their sights again is conservative MEP Daniel Hannan.

The deadly attack gerbils of the liberal-left have had a go at Dan Hannan.
The Daily Mirror, NuLav’s comically useless online propaganda outlet Labour List, and a sweet-looking boy named James Mcintyre who writes for the New Statesman, have all seized excitedly on some thoughtful, unexceptionable remarks Dan made about Obama’s “exotic” background.”
writes James Dellingpole in The Telegraph

Here is what Daniel Hannan said is his blog about Obama and his “exotic” background

The could be trouble ahead for James Mcintyre, the New Statesman briefly removed his original blog post, which then reappeared with some sort of a disclaimer writes Damian Thompson in The Telegraph

Apparently Mr Hannan is following the lead set by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and seeing his lawyers on Monday.
Nadine you may recall recently served Court Papers on McBride (via Guido LOL), Draper and 10 Downing Street, here’s to personal accountability, and some crippling personal damages settlements.

More Bad Poll News For Labour

A Populous poll for the Times makes grim reading for Labour writes David Blackburn on the Coffee Shop blog
Labour’s smear tactics of “Two faced Tories”, “10% cuts” and the blatant lie story that Obama said Cameron was a lightweight have crashed and burned with the public; the Conservatives are now the most trusted party on just about everything that used to be the preserve of Labour.

Poll details here

Conservatives are the best party to reform the NHS, opinion poll says latest from Peter Riddell in The Times

£6017 per second

£6017 is the amount per second the Labour government borrowed in August 2009.

Government borrowing for the whole of August was £16 billion; that used to be the PSBR for a whole year.

That is some achievement to increase borrowing by 1200%, and there is no sign of the spending stopping yet.
Total government borrowing now exceeds £800 billion and for the first time in our history our indebtedness has reached 57.5% of national output.
At this point it is worth bearing in mind that the man hailed as the greatest Chancellor of the Exchequer since bread was first sliced, stated that it should not exceed 40% of national output
More on this in The Times

Thanks to Guido for the clip

Labour’s Spending Cuts Lie

10% Tory cuts, Labour investment.

How many times have we heard this, along with other great mistruths like “British Jobs For British Workers”.

The Prime Mentalist

The Prime Mentalist

On July 2nd, Gordon Brown told the House of Commons: “I have always told the truth and I’ve always told people as it is…we don’t want to have the 10 per cent cuts the Conservatives are talking about.

The Tories’ extremely destructive Treasury mole has leaked documents proving that Labour has been planning substantial cuts in front line services since before the budget.

David Blackburn blog at the Coffee Shop

To put no finer point on it, Gordon Brown lied.

Could this be the reason that the spending review has been delayed, Paul Waugh in the Evening Standard thinks so.

The leak is a disaster for the Treasury Faisal Islam on the C4 Blog

George Osborne calls Gordon Brown a liar and no-one blinks – Ben Brogan in the Telegraph

Philip Webster has more in the Times

More nails in the coffin of Brown and his political party

Fraser Nelson nails Gordon Brown (but not in the biblical sense)