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Lib Dem Fall – Attila The Huhnatic Attacks Little Nicky Clegg

Attila the Huhnatic Vs Nick "The Kipper" Clegg

All is not well in the Lib Dem party, with their popularity at all time low the knives are fast being sharpened prior to being (methaporically) shoved in to Nick Clegg’s back.

Nick “The Kipper” Clegg being famous for being two faced and gutless is as much an electoral liability as Gordon Brown was to Labour and is being kept away from the public gaze prior to the Local Council Elections on May 5th.

Attila the Huhnatic who was a close second to Clegg in the Lib Dem Leadership contest is reckoned to be positiong himself to oust Clegg as Lib Dem Party Leader Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post @angelneptustar “Nick Clegg Cannot Be Believed”

Todays Guest Blogger is @angelneptustar

Nick Clegg insisted on ITN News that the Liberals would not merge with the Tories and he said the coalition is a temporary arrangement.

Pull the other one, Nick, we can never believe a word you say again.

You are now so unpopular that metaphorically, the hum of your life support machine would be music to the ears of the nation.

Nick Clegg said:

The Liberal Democrats will fight the next election as we did the last – as an independent political party in every constituency in the country,”  Insisting the Coalition deal was a temporary arrangement, he added: “This is the right government for right now.”

Read the rest of this entry

Clegg Planned To Drop Opposition To Fees In Return For Power

Clegg caught with a promise he never thought would catch up with him

The LibDems until May this had not really held any real power, apart from the LibLab Pact since, well no one can really remember when there was such a thing as Liberal Deputy PM.

Aardvark is a not a fan of this coalition thing and even less of a fan of Little Nicky Clegg, he is what my mother would have called an “odious little twerp”.

At the begining of the year the LibDems prospects for power were about the same as Gordon Brown voluntarily calling an election, it was never going happen. From their safe little world over the last ninety years or so the Liberals, SDP, LIbDems as they currently are could make all sorts of rash promises safe in the knowledge that they were never going to have to deliver. Read the rest of this entry

Clegg Speaks, The Polls Crash

Little Nicky makes his big speech and the net result according to a daily You Gov Poll is the Lib Dems on 11%.

The poll also shows the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 38% which does raise the question how can 38% of the electorate support Labour after the last 13 years, but then 20 billion flies eat shit can they be wrong? Read the rest of this entry

Lib Dem Support Plummets To 8%; Go On Dave Call A General Election

Little Nicky Clegg as popular as fart in a spacesuit, and about as useful

August 18th 2010 will mark the 100th day of the coalition government and to celebrate this wonderous event Sky News have commissioned a poll which makes grim reading for Little Nicky, St Vince of Fable and the Wind God Chris Huhne.

If there were to be a General Election tomorrow then St Vince and the Wind God would be signing on the day afterwards.

A poll on June 28th had the Lib Dems on 16%, in less than 2 months the Lib Dem support has fallen 50% Read the rest of this entry

Clegg and Cable The Cracks Are Starting To Show

Little Nicky and St Vince of Fable

All is not as it seems in the wasted vote Lib Dem Party between Leader Little Nicky Clegg and his economic spokesman St Vince of Fable.

Little Nicky’s wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez has been texting friends in Spain:

Mrs Clegg, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, has been texting her Spanish amigos with gripes about Vince Cable. Apparently, Mrs Gonzalez Durantez is not happy with Vince’s habit of going freelance, announcing policies without fully consulting her husband first.”

He speculates that the relationship might be more more “Steptoe & Son than Flanagan & Allen“.