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Prince Philip Wind Farms Are Absolutely Useless And A Disgrace

Prince Philip Windfarms are completely reliant on subsidies and would never work

Prince Philip joined the outcry at the weekend about the economic insanity of wind farms and how wind power will never work without huge tax payer subsidies,  and raised again the major flaw in the whole renewables industry, wind farms require 100% backup capacity from conventional power stations for those days when it is too cold or the wind speed is too fast, then of course there are the days when the wind farm operators are paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity.

Prince Philip’s views on wind farms put him at complete odds with the elephant eared moron, who masquerades at the heir to the throne, who in February this year was demanding that anyone who does not buy into the man made Global Warming scam must be held accountable

Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of Infinergy who are currently sucking  up millions in tax payer subsidies to build off shore wind farms was treated to the truth about his industry in the style that only Phil the Greek can do: Read the rest of this entry

Britain – Green Taxes Are Crippling The Recovery And The Economy

First the CBI, now the EEF warn the Greenest Government Ever

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) warned the Greenest Government Ever that the suicidal Green policies of the Government and the European Union are crippling British Industry, companies are relocating to economically more favourable countries and Britain is losing jobs as a result.

Now the manufacturers association (EEF) are warning that the tipping point has been reached on the financial impact to business of the blind adherence to climate religion by Chris Huhne and David Cameron: Read the rest of this entry