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Goregasm – 24 Hours Of The Reality Of Al Gore

Hi I'm Al Gore Thw Climate Messiah welcome to my reality

Al Gore is back and trying to reignite the flames of junk science by introducing the world to his own personal reality via the Climate Reality Project.

Apart from spreading more fear via junk science, good quality artwork masquerading as scientific data, the real agenda of the Gore and his friends is  suppression of dissent for the settled science; Al will be naming deniers of his personal reality.

Remember Splattergate from October 2010,  where the true mindset of these ManBearPig worshippers accidentally slipped out in a short film: Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore In Meltdown: Says Bullshit, A Lot

When you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again,

The wheels have finally come of the Great Global Warming Band Wagon, and Al Gore knows his scam is in its death throes.

Despite spending $300 million, enlisting the help of every socialist marxist politician from Barack Obama, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Julia Gillard and some social democrat that goes by the name of David Cameron, every vacuous Green champagne celebrity and the gullible morons who read papers like the Guardian, the AGW scam has crashed and burned.

Al is now in major rant mode “It may be volcanoes. Bullshit! It may be sun spots. Bullshit! It’s not getting warmer. Bullshit!Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate Is The New Climategate

Dr Charles Monnett report on polar bears has, er, Integrity Issues

The grey propaganda and lies of the Church of Climatology are coming home to roost faster than chickens on amphetamines these days, hardly a day goes past without new revelations about their lies, or draconian attempts to stifle debate.

Now the “scientist” behind the drowning polar bear report in 2004, and much quoted by Climate Pope Al Gore, has been suspended by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement for “integrity issues regarding this report : Read the rest of this entry

Climate Scam – World Bank Warns That The Carbon Market Is Failing

Carbon Trading - in terminal decline globally

Carbon Trading - in terminal decline globally

As the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam continues it’s slow and inexorable death, the industries that clung to its back like renewables and the Carbon Trading Scam have started to wither and die as the AGW vine dies.

Prior to COP15 in Copenhagen and Climategate the wheels had started to come off the carbon trading wagon, as the recession bit across Europe and industrial output declined, so did emissions, which had a knock on effect on the need for investment. The recession, the corruption of the European ETS scheme and uncertainty about Cap n Trade in the US and Australia all played their part in the decline of Carbon Trading. Read the rest of this entry

George Monbiot Has His Jimmy Carter Moment

George Moonbat Cars produce almost 10% less CO2 at 60mph than at 70mph

James Delingpole once described George Monbiot as the “gift that keeps on giving“, as usual Aardvark finds himself in complete agreement with James.

Moonbat like most of the self appointed moral guardians of the environment has a thing against personal transport, earlier this year Moonbat wrote “What War On Motorists?

Must have been hog heaven for George with his beloved Labour government using cameras and ever increasing fuel duty to milk the motorist as a bottomless pit of cash, and all wrapped up in Green lies, the case in point being Gordon Brown’s scheme to increase VED and backdate it to 2002, because it was for the environment. That was a Green lie too far even for Brown’s Labour MP’s who rebelled against it.

The Spanish have lowered their speed limits by 7 mph and of course Moonbat thinks we should do the same here, only our speed limits should be even lower: Read the rest of this entry

Did The Coaltion Surpress The Met Office Forecast For A Bad Winter In The Run Up To COP16

The Met Office forecast to the Cabinet Office was directly opposite to the one issued to the public

There are many things wrong with this Coaltion Vichy Government, head and shoulders above it all is the disproportionate influence the LibDems have on policy, given their numbers in Cabinet.

Worse than even Little Nicky Clegg, is Chris Huhnatic, who with Dave is hellbent on keeping the great AGW scam alive in Britain, no matter what the cost is to industry, families and the elderly.

Energy poverty means nothing to Dave Huhnatic, all the matters is blind adherance to Climate Religion.

Last winter was a disaster thanks to the Met Office, this year they issued 2 forecasts, one of the Cabinet Office predicting a severe start to the winter, the other for mugs like us was the usual load of warming alarmist lies about a mild winter. Read the rest of this entry

UK Snow Chaos Why You Are To Blame

Its all our fault for being mobile, owning cars and flying

It was only a question of time until an eco mentalist slid out from under their stone and blamed all of us for the travel chaos besetting Britain at the moment.

If you fly or drive then you are the cause of the problem, because by travelling you emit CO2, which according to the followers of ManBearPig means you cause Global something or other, which in turn makes for colder winters.

Apparently it is the ever increasing temperatures that are making us travel further: Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Will Kyoto Bring The House Of Cards Down

Ostriches at COP16: They just can't believe the wealth redistribution scam has crashed and burned

A long time ago now, in December 1997, 37 Countries signed up to the Kyoto protocol which was to have been the first step on the road to wealth redistribution and unelected one world socialist government.

Kyoto came into force in February 2005 and to date 191 countries have signed up, but those were different times for the warming alarmists. The Church of Climatology was growing, people believed the scary climate stories of imminent Armageddon, now 5 years later the rock of the Church of Climatology is probably going to bring the whole church of cards  tumbling down. Read the rest of this entry

What’s The Carbon Footprint Of … Spending A £; Does Anyone Care

Depending on how you use this pound depends on the amount of carbon or something

Still searching the Guardian for Leo and Lucy’s advice about how to have a carbon neutral student protest at Millbank House, but while that particular search bore no fruit Aardvark did come across a little gem about the carbon footprint of the pound you spend or invest.

On the face of it probably the same sort of whacky eco shit that Leo and Lucy peddle with their It’s not easy not having a life being Green, but as you read more of it you realise they are trying to make you feel guilty about where you invest your money Read the rest of this entry

The End Of Warming Alarmism In Britain?

HM Treasury wants to absorb Department of Climate Change

Some really good news for those not taken in by the Climate Change Disruption scam, and still more doom and gloom for the dwindling bunch of warming alarmists.

Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne was only yesterday outlining new plans for Green taxes and further donations to the Church of Climatology, when today comes the news that HM Treasury want to “shit can” the Department of Energy and Climate Change and absorb it’s staff in to HM Treasury.

Huhne is terrified at the prospect that should this happen his staff will , in Huhne’s own words “end up going native”. Read the rest of this entry