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Postal Strike To Go Ahead

By Tory Aardvark

Do Royal Mail Have The X Factor?

Do Royal Mail Have The X Factor?

Battle lines have been drawn between the CWU and Royal Mail with the postal strike starting at 4am tomorrow morning.

The language is not one of reconciliation or arbitration with the CWU saying “they have no trust and no confidence in Mandelson”, “Mandelson is the Minister with out responsibility”, “The Government and Royal Mail are working together to prevent progress”

There are going to be no winners in this strike be they: Postal workers, Royal Mail, The Government, Business or the Public.

Royal Mail has been losing business for years first fax and now email have all eaten into Royal Mail’s core business. The popularity of on-line shopping particularly Amazon and e-Bay have saved Royal Mail from further decline, although with the news of the strike Amazon are making other arrangements. In short Royal Mail will lose customers because of the interruption to the service and anyone who has run a business will tell you that getting lost customers back is a difficult, if not well neigh impossible task.

We are in the depths of recession and business cannot afford to have delays with shipping goods or receiving payments, so as well as putting their own jobs at risk the strikers are putting the jobs of millions of other people on the line as well.

There were angry clashes at PMQ’s today between David Cameron and the Prime Mentalist. David Cameron wound Brown up brilliantly “The way to stop these strikes, and the way to stop this militancy, is to show some leadership, some backbone, and some courage. Are we really going to spend another six months with a Prime Minister who cannot give a straight answer, who cannot pass his own legislation, who sits in his bunker, not even able to decide what sort of biscuits he wants to eat? Doesn’t he understand that stopping these strikes takes some courage and leadership, and isn’t clear he’s got none of that to offer.”

The one eyed son of the Manse quickly grabbed the bait and launched into a long list of “they were wrong on this”, “we saved the world”. The only thing longer than the list were faces of Labour frontbenchers like Straw and Harman as they realised that once again Cyclops had lost it and the pram and the toys would soon be flying through the air.

Peter Mandelson at the Labour Conference

By Tory Aardvark

Maybe it’s me but there do seem to be a lot of Television News Media organisations that have a left of centre agenda.
Take the reporting on Mandelson’s speech, you would be left with the impression that he had filled Carnegie Hall when in reality he packed a few more bums on seats than the Prime Mentalist managed yesterday.

Twice Disgraced Lord Mandelson

Twice Disgraced Lord Mandelson

While having a twitter moment I picked these tweets up from Iain Dale:

Why is @catherine_mayer saying the hall was full to capacity for Mandy when TV pictures prove the exact opposite?! Strange world we live in.

Quite astonshing that Mandelson can’t fill the conference hall. If there was one speech people would want to hear, wouldn’t this be it?

Not quite sure what Mandy is on, but whatever it is, it’s producing hilarious results.

Mandy: “I was born into this party.” How odd that he joined the Young Communist League, then.

The statement that most caught our attention today during Mandelson’s speech was the “If I can comeback we can comeback”; er no Peter the British Public has much higher values and standards of moral integrity that the Labour party of Blair and Brown. They may be happy to welcome back a mollusc into the slime beds, but I think you will find the British voter a whole lot less gullible than you give them credit for.

This is a view shared by Gerald Warner in The Telegraph “Mandy has reinvented himself now as a scrap dealer: it was always his natural vocation. Today he set about strengthening the backbone of The Party We love: “If I can come back – we can come back,” he told an audience of delegates too busy reading the “Situations Vacant” columns to pay much attention. The difference is that Mandy’s comeback was negotiated among his fellow wheeler-dealers in smoke-free rooms, whereas sitting Labour MPs have to get past a more challenging barrier known as the electorate.”
“The spectacle of The Party We Love assembled en masse is not one for weak stomachs. Among the swarming pathogens in the conference hall at Brighton are some of the most toxic agents that have debilitated Britain over the past 12 years

Lest we forget – The Cabinets Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

With all the other political news perhaps it is time to remember the Expenses Scandal and the troughing done by Cabinet Ministers

Relive the excesses at our expense of senior Labour Ministers courtesy of the The Telegraph

Mandelson gets rinsed twice on Panorama

The Lord Of Darkness gets hammered not once, but twice by John Sweeney from the BBC

Not going very well is it when your own propaganda arm does this to you.

Mandelson’s reaction when told it was Panorama is priceless, considering the well pulicised left of centre stance of Al-Jebeeb, which has loyally stood by Labour for 12 years spouting every lie that Blair, Brown and Co have spouted, as though it were the gospel truth.