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Get The Trougher Out – Another Campaign Starts

While Parliament dithers seemingly unwilling, or unable to put it’s house in order people power is starting to surface and express it’s disgust with troughing MP’s. The campaign in Redditch to get Jacqui Smith out has over 10,000 signatures, Smith will be defending a majority of 2,300 so as such will more than likely be a casualty at the General Election


Margaret Moran not wanted

Margaret Moran Labour MP for Luton South suffered national embarrassment when the expenses scandal broke in May. The Telegraph revealed she tried to make taxpayers pay for £22,500 of dry rot treatment to her second home in Southampton – 100 miles from her constituency.

Since the expenses scandal broke in May Moran has followed the example of her leader, found a bunker and dropped out of sight. This has not gone down well in Luton where the local paper has started a campaign to get Moran dismissed by Gordon Brown and an immediate by election called.

In response to the campaign Moran issued a statement earlier today: Read the rest of this entry